under a lone street light - solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-08
under a lone street light  -  solar street light
Since mid-
In March I developed a new habit.
It's not a bad habit. It's a normal habit. About three nights a week, I drive to a local park near the harbor, park by the roadside and find a woman under the street light.
Not any particular woman, but always the same street lamp.
It's kind of like a good time for John to find a lady one evening.
No one doubts - I'm in a luxurious place in town.
A few weeks ago, after testing a new device in the middle of the Sydney Harbour Bridge one night, a potential picture caught my attention.
A simple framework with a composition representing the phrase "less is more";
A woman and her personal trainer boxed under a separate street lamp.
Only the two of them, their gloves and shadows, had nothing around them, but when I took office, they had moved on.
This is a very popular place for personal trainers. -to-
The customers of five office workers pass their pace, so I think these people are regular customers.
So I started my evening trip.
These nighttime adventures will see me sitting in a car, sitting on Park benches, walking around the park, standing on the bridge above, with my children, stopping in circles and turns in the local swimming pool - each time I carry a camera on my shoulder, exposing the images set up like this.
I'll see people exercising in groups, walking dogs, walking at night, jogging, and there's more on the list.
After a while, I will chat with personal trainers working in different parts of the park to find out who works where, who teaches alone, and how the weather determines who is where, when and how to train.
I narrowed down the best days and goals of the week.
After 15 to 20 attempts, I got it.
They are there.
I dragged four-year-
I went on the bridge with him and asked him to count the traffic in the rush hour behind me. I waited for two boxers to enter the beam of light. They finally did.
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