trigger green traffic lights - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
trigger green traffic lights  -  solar traffic light system
Up to traffic lights and turn lights, you will notice a circle of wires buried on the road near the parking line.
This is the so-called induction.
Loop traffic detector, working by sensing the frequency change of the magnetic field on the wire coil.
In other words, when a car stops, it senses changes in the vehicle and light.
Most motorcycles, scooters, bikes and Minicars do not have enough conductive material to trigger these loops and change traffic lights.
Generate a very powerful field, increase the inductance in these traffic sensors and cause the light to change!
How is this done. . .
2 nd magnets.
I chose two of the CMS magnets, each with a pull force of more than 6 lbs.
I also bought a roll of heavy external mounting tape.
After I cut off a small piece of tape, I pasted the magnet.
I then applied it perpendicular to the road to the bottom of our test scooter.
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