traffic police stand the heat - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
traffic police stand the heat  -  solar panel traffic lights
In the past few weeks, chaos and chaos have become the norm at most intersections in the city, and frequent power outages have made traffic signals abnormal.
Work during peak hours.
"In the hot weather, traffic police and vehicle users feel nervous and depressed in this case.
"Most drivers are plagued by road anger and traffic getting out of control," said a traffic police official . ".
While police say all traffic lights are equipped with uninterrupted power supplies, they have stopped working over time.
This forced the traffic police to manually control traffic in the hot sun.
Traffic lights and kiosks set up in different locations provide advertising space, and the advertising company is responsible for maintenance.
Some traffic police said that solar panels can be installed at traffic lights, which will help with power outages.
Air-conditioned police kiosks have been set up in advantageous locations such as Periyar bus station, Yanaikkal, Aavin Junction, Kuruvikkaran Salai and Keezhavasal in order
"But many of them don't have a properly functioning inverter to provide power --
A traffic inspector said.
Assistant Commissioner of Police (Traffic)S.
Yellaparaj said traffic lights and stalls are being checked and maintained regularly after frequent power outages.
Given the rising temperatures, private companies have begun distributing umbrellas for police, officials said.
As people who are constantly exposed to the Sun are at high risk of dehydration, doctors say it is important to keep themselves hydrated with electrolyte-rich liquids.
"If people are often exposed to the sun, it is necessary to take in the liquid at least once every 45 minutes.
Patients with diabetes and those receiving medication should pay special attention to dehydration, and lime juice is the best option given the high electrolyte content of lime juice, "S.
Karthick is a doctor at Apollo Hospital.
According to a government plan launched last year, traffic police officers get lime juice twice a day.
"The police station prepares and distributes them to the personnel on duty on a weekly basis," said a traffic police officer . ".
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