traffic lights, reduced speed could be options at site of fatal collision - solar traffic lights manufacturers

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traffic lights, reduced speed could be options at site of fatal collision  -  solar traffic lights manufacturers
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This article was published on March 4, 2018. (443 days ago)
So the information may no longer be up-to-date.
For the second time in six years, the city hall was asked to consider changes in the sidewalk, where three people died. -
Two of them are young children. -since 1981.
The latest death was at the intersection of Sao Paulo Street.
Anne Road, near Valence Street, happened on February 2.
13 When an 8-year-
The old boy was killed by a truck.
At the time of the accident, third-year student Sulafir Mostein Famarim was with his mother.
The two of them were walking to the Saint near him.
In a crucial school, a few minutes after crossing the street, the guard finished the morning shift and the boy was hit.
The boy's death has reignited calls for a change in the sidewalk, with residents in many areas reporting frequent phone calls and collisions.
This prompted Kuhn. Brian Mayes (St. Vital)
The Riel Community Council has proposed a motion to expand traffic studies recently approved for several blocks.
Existing traffic studies in St. John's.
At the end of January, Annie's application was approved.
"After the recent accident, we received a lot of calls and e-mails.
Different people are very sure what to do.
It's good to get everyone's opinions, but now we want experts to hear about it and listen to their feedback, "Meyers said.
"Most people say to me,'Do something'.
So that's what I'm going to do.
"Proposals for expanding the scope of research to study security issues in St. Louis.
Annie's crosswalk will be voted on at the meeting of the Standing Policy Committee on Infrastructure Renewal and Public Works on Friday.
Meyers said he believed the motion would be approved.
If this happens, the study will focus on the feasibility and benefits of potential safety improvements at intersections, including replacing pedestrian corridors with traffic lights or replacing flashing yellow lights at intersections with red lights.
Other floating options include pruning nearby trees to reduce speed limits(
Currently 60 kilometers per hour)
Or add warning signs.
"I'm not an expert on this, but something that sounds simple may really help.
Something happened at that intersection, part of which was that it was near a school, so a lot of people paid more attention to it, "Meyers said.
In 1981, 10-year-old Daniel Lafrance was killed in St. John.
Annie was hit by a drunk driver at the intersection. In 2006, a 34-year-
The old woman's name had never been disclosed. Two days later, she was hit on the sidewalk and died in hospital.
In 2012, Meyers received complaints from local residents and asked the city to inspect intersections.
The final conclusion is that the intersection does not conform to the traffic rules. -
Volume requirements for traffic lights.
Nevertheless, the city is determined to make changes this time, although these changes remain pending.
"The emails and phone calls I received were really respectful.
They say they need to do something, so that's my intention.
I want to see what happened before September. 1.
I can't guarantee that some aspects of the process are beyond my control, but that's what I want to see, "Meyers said. bill.
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