tokyo to build eco-friendly \'solar roads\' ahead of 2020 ... - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-19
tokyo to build eco-friendly \\\'solar roads\\\' ahead of 2020 ...  -  solar panel traffic lights
The Tokyo government plans to introduce "solar roads" to collect energy from the sun by solar panels installed below the surface of the road.
The effort aims to promote Tokyo as an eco-city.
Before 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games, friendly cities at home and abroad.
These new technologies are expected to be piloted in Tokyo government-owned facilities and elsewhere as early as the next fiscal year.
In a seven-person parking lot in Mayasolar,
Kanagawa Prefecture xiangdie original 11 store.
Solar roads include solar panel systems installed on roads with special resin covering the surface of the panels to improve durability.
The vehicle can travel on the panel.
Solar roads have been introduced on French highways and bicycle lanes in the Netherlands.
Seven managers.
Eleven stores said: "The solar road system can generate 16,145 KW-
The annual power supply time accounts for about nine of the entire electricity consumed by the store.
"The Tokyo government has been focusing on new technologies as a potential renewable energy source.
It has set a target for renewable energy to account for about Tokyo's electricity consumption by 2030, compared with a similar target of about 12 in 2016.
The government said there were no restrictions on the location of the installation of the "solar road" system, which increased the possibility of expanding renewable energy.
The problem with the introduction of "solar roads" is that the cost is too high.
Since the technology is not widely used, its components are not large scale either. produced.
It takes about 5 euros in France. £4. 4m)
Install a one kilometer solar road.
Tokyo government plans to introduce solar roads to government
Parking lot and other own facilities, the electricity generated by the installation of the system proves the rationality of the cost.
The government hopes that Tokyo will take the lead in introducing the technology ahead of 2020 Olympic Games, which will help promote solar roads in other parts of the country.
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