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thinkers in residence program to be scrapped | adelaide now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0a0871e9-1636-49f4-9041-2e  -  all in one integrated solar street light
State governments will cut millions of dollars-
Next year, nine years after the first expert arrives in the United States, dollar thinkers will participate in the residence plan, saving about $1 million a year.
Lauren Nowak reviewed some successful ideas and other more questionable contributions. --------------------------------
Mr. Hansen's proposals include expanding the tram network to make Glennfield Street a public transport vehicle. -
Only the main road.
He also initiated a study of public knowledge in state governments at the age of 30. -
Greater Adelaide Urban Development Year Plan.
Earlier this year, Hansen was appointed as the new Director of Urban Reconstruction, who will be responsible for housing projects and the expansion of public transport networks.
Penny Gail, general manager of public affairs at RAA, said Mr. Hansen "came up with some good ideas," but they are usually cities. -focused.
In March this year, Professor Ross published a report entitled "Manufacturing Industry into the Future", which pointed out the direction for the future development of manufacturing industry in South Australia.
The government acted on some of his recommendations, including the establishment of a manufacturing centre in Tonsley Park and the funding of the country's advanced manufacturing strategy.
His blueprint for avoiding a SA manufacturing recession has also been widely supported.
In his report, Prime Minister Jay Wessel called the proposals "frank analysis" and shifted the government's focus from traditional manufacturing to advanced manufacturing.
Haggati inspired Adelaide's commonalities. In a mixed community environment, Adelaide provided affordable rental housing for homeless or low-income people.
In Franklin Street and Guangming Square, there are three ground buildings in the city and Port Augusta, costing more than $16 million.
This model has been promoted across states, and in March 2008, Therese Rein, wife of former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, received funding from the Australian Public Land Fund.
Ross Womersley, executive director of the South African Council for Social Services (SA), said that Ms. Hagerty's living conditions had changed substantially.
"Subsequently, or with the investment of funds, a very specific outcome has emerged, which is somewhat different from many other outcomes," he said.
Dr. Mustard's right of abode has made a significant contribution to the state's current early childhood policy.
Finance director Jack Snelling said he urged the government's "world-renowned" children's centre to provide preschool education, child care, health, family and community services in one place.
Other initiatives include the creation of a new leadership position for young children-
Postgraduate qualifications of all Australian schools and Australian Early Development Index.
Dr Christie Ward, an UNESCO education lecturer, said that mustard "really increased the visibility of early childhood education".
Professor Li's research focuses on the impact of comprehensive design principles and architectural environment on the quality of life.
On her recommendation, the government set up a comprehensive design committee.
Professor Li was initially appointed chairman of the committee, but the government decided that it would be too late for her to return to Adelaide. (
Because of the importance of the imminent river bank overhaul)
Tim Horton, former chairman of the Australian Architects Association, was appointed to replace him.
Yesterday the government announced that the committee would be abolished in today's budget.
As an expert in urban renewal in the UK, Landry suggested, among other things, the establishment of a "tripartite" parliamentary system for large cities and the reduction of the current 19 parliaments.
He also expressed disappointment at Adelaide's attitude, calling it "a city that talks more about negative factors than about celebrating achievements".
He went on to say that Adelaide was "a place that always thought it was smaller than other places, with an inferiority complex, which some say suffocates the city, not liberates it".
The state government recently made Adelaide a "vibrant" city, one of its top priorities, such as allowing more public holiday deals in the city, but this shift took place long after Landry lived.
About 80% of Australian businesses are family businesses, but statistics show that only 32% of enterprises can survive to the second generation.
A proposal by Dr. Jaffe has led to an expansion of the scope of small business advisory bodies to support the family business sector.
Family Business Lecturer at Adelaide University said that the misunderstanding that family businesses are "a small shop, not a serious business" may make it difficult to raise relevant issues at the policy level.
Dr. Graves said that Dr. Jaffe and others involved in family businesses might be "somewhat disappointed with the level of attention that has been drawn from the recommendations made in his report".
As a producer and film producer, Mr. Wintony aims to establish a new "screen culture" in South Australia by identifying the successful areas of the SAS screen industry. -Terminological strategy.
He talked about how SA can play a leading role in network, television and film production by training people here and utilizing emerging technologies.
His comprehensive studio plan, which combines Adelaide's "decentralized" film and television communities, led to Glenside's $44 million Adelaide studio.
However, the studio was criticized for giving priority to the mental health services Glenside had previously provided. In March, it was reported that it had attracted only $100,000 in commercial work since it opened last October.
This is one of the earliest Trios in Britain. -
Including the aim of "expanding the horizon of human interaction" through advanced new media and wireless technology.
They want to see art play a greater role in SA and promote new forms of technical art.
However, they are one of the few thinkers who really criticize. They say, "Adelaides should pay less attention to outsiders who tell them what to do.
"Child experts-
He said parents and the wider community must take responsibility for children's education, not just teachers and principals.
Focus on changing the physical design of schools to support different teaching methods focusing on sharing and reflecting knowledge.
American mental health specialists and leading psychologists.
Committed to helping young people live happier, more meaningful and more engaged lives.
Health and resilience have been established to prevent mental health problems from becoming a problem.
Experts in geriatric epidemiology, health promotion, advocacy and cultural attitudes.
Working with the World Health Organization in New York.
South Australian Parliament is called upon to provide more seats for community buses and suburban streets to help elderly residents.
The Scottish expert, who was a political adviser to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, raised a broader question about how the government works, focusing on health and education.
Dutch experts advise drivers to slow down to 50 km/h at all traffic lights intersections in South Australia.
Want to broaden the thinking of road tolls from the extreme Huhne drivers, saying that more minor human errors have also led to road traffic accidents.
The infamous British Circle is "unique" and the Southern Highway is "a well". -
Construction Road".
Retired California judges say drunken and drug-addicted drivers will face two days in prison and drivers under 21 will be banned from drinking in their systems.
It also encourages the reduction of the backlog of courts, commutation of sentences for early conviction requests and the alleviation of the burden on local courts by expanding the jurisdiction of others.
Director of Interactive Research and Empirical Research, Intel, Portland, Oregon.
Dr. Bell focuses on the way South Australians use new technologies in their lives.
She says people spend too much time building connections with the digital world and less time dealing with information and "boredom".
Professor Fearne said the state's food and wine industry needed to radically change its thinking and produce what consumers really wanted.
He urged that production focus be shifted to market focus and tried to encourage healthier local food consumption.
By translating ideas into lasting actions, we can observe how to make real social changes.
His proposal led to the establishment of a social innovation centre. -
Australia No. 1-
It costs $6 million.
Promoting health in all policies-a government-
Extensive systems to improve health in South Australia.
It provides a healthy lens for the goals of the South Australian Strategic Plan.
The problems of body image and eating disorders were also reviewed.
Dr. Smith's right of abode led to the launch of Australia's first specialized biological science incubator. The $12.
In June 2008, 9 million Biosa incubators were put into operation. -
Track the growth of local companies.
She discussed strategies for developing the national bioscience sector into a global market leader. As of mid-
Last year, seven of the 18 recommendations in Professor Karen's Thinker Report were implemented.
They include improving and reducing the environmental benefits of the Murray River weir pool, encouraging the use of recycled water for SA water, and introducing an independent price regulator.
According to the law, every new home in South Australia should have a solar water heating system, says the new thinker.
It also calls on the government to intensify its efforts to encourage the restoration of antiquity. -
Install solar energy systems in existing buildings.
It said it would be an investment in manufacturing and pipeline industries.
Advocating the use of solar energy-in tariff.
Professor Baroness Greenfield aims to raise people's interest in science.
As a neuroscientist, she has conducted in-depth research on the working principle of the human brain, degenerative diseases and the role of common drugs.
Her right of abode led her to invest $12 million in the Royal Society of Australia. (RI Aus)
Launched in October 2009.
Nobel laureate Stephen Schneider studied the risks and opportunities of climate change.
Sarkozy said that Sarkozy is ahead of other countries in climate change policy, but still can do more.
He died in July 2010.
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