the sensible home : motion-sensing lights a good security idea - solar powered motion flood lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-09
the sensible home : motion-sensing lights a good security idea  -  solar powered motion flood lights
Question: I can't afford a security system or a high electricity bill that doesn't turn off the lights all night.
How much is the action? -
Induction safety lights?
Which is the best?
Answer: Automatic motion-
Induction of outdoor lighting is the best safe choice for any family.
They can now be used as decorative lanterns, post lights and standard two. -
Bulb floodlights and extra-
Bright halogen lamps.
If you already have an outdoor light, just attach a cheap add-on. -on motion-
Induction control.
The lamp can still be used as ordinary lamp.
Just press the switch twice and the light will turn on. Motion-
The induction lamp uses only a small amount of electricity to keep the lamp on all night.
Installing them saves more than $100 a year in electricity bills, which means they can pay back costs in a few months. Easy-to-install solar-powered motion-
Induction lights work free of charge, do not use wires, do not need maintenance.
They are very suitable for remote areas, garages or warehouses without electricity supply.
The sun charges buildings-in battery.
A day's charging can provide enough power to turn on and off lights more than 150 times.
For my tool shed, I used an extra one. -
Bright solar model with fluorescent bulbs.
In addition to saving electricity, outdoor sports-
Induction lights make a wish-
The thieves thought he had been seen.
The one I use in the front yard has a transmitter that can turn on the indoor light. (or alarm)
For extra security.
Although many outdoor sports-
Induction lights look very similar. Don't just buy the cheapest ones.
There were significant differences in sensitivity level, coverage, convenience and safety characteristics.
The coverage angle range of floodlights and decorative lamps is 110. -Degree to A 226-degree arc.
A larger coverage arc reduces the chances that thieves can sneak around it.
Some decorative pillar lamps offer 360-
Total degree coverage. The built-
The sensor lens is colored, so it is not obvious.
Adjustable range sensitivity ranges from 30 feet to 100 feet, and the cheapest range sensitivity ranges from 30 feet to 100 feet. -sensing lights.
After no movement is detected, the opening time can be adjusted from 1 to 20 minutes.
One new feature is two-level light.
Outdoor lighting can be set up in dim places from one hour to the whole night. (
Full brightness 20%accent level.
When motion is detected, it switches to full brightness for a few minutes.
This provides security and key lighting in a device.
Write the update bulletin number.
799, showing the buyer's guidance on 10 motions-
Induction Electricity-and solar-
Electric Safety Lamp and List Style, Sensitivity Arc and Distance, Function, Price and Cost-to-operate chart.
Including $2 and a business-
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