tesla motors software update - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-11
tesla motors software update  -  solar traffic light system
Electric vehicle Tesla Toyota Nissan hybrid electric vehicle and the purchase of GuideElon Musk promise to "end mileage anxiety" by updating Tesla software through gas2 ", although the Tesla Model S is rated between two charges up to 265, even the most enthusiastic supporters will admit that the number is only realistic under ideal conditions.
In the real world, the range of electric vehicles will be affected by hills, speed and even ambient temperature.
Once again, Musk was rescued.
Tesla CEO Elon Musk promised on Twitter this weekend that he would end "range anxiety" with excessive anxiety"the-air (OTA)
Update each variant of Model S.
We will learn on Thursday how exactly Musk plans to end the anxiety, which gives us a few days to guess.
I can tell you one thing for sure;
This person knows how to write a title that can be referenced.
I have some ideas about what is needed for this update, and some are more believable than others.
My guess is that Tesla has either released an update to the estimated exercise range calculator or an improved navigation system with terrain, traffic, temperature in mind to provide a more accurate roadmap.
Tesla owners often lament the inaccuracy of the distance calculator (
Others will defend better than most other electric cars)
Considering that Tesla's air suspension can learn how to avoid potholes on its own, it is not a good idea for automakers to use the available map information to provide better range data.
There are other possibilities, including Tesla releasing some additional battery capacity to a larger range, although even 20% improvements can only be increased by up to 265 miles.
Surely, the practice range of over 310 miles will be a welcome improvement, but I will also not sell it as a means to end mileage anxiety.
Musk was found promising on Twitter, but later when he said --
The promise was not fulfilled.
But his promise to add more miles to the Tesla sports car is really true, so it's a bit washed if you ask me.
Thankfully, Elon Musk didn't make fun of this for weeks in a row, as he did with dual motor drive or autopilot.
In a few days, we will know how Musk plans to end one of the biggest obstacles to electric vehicle adoption.
Although Flavor may say "don't believe in hype", Musk is living up to him as a real --
World Tony Stark
Is this hype true?
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