technology: traffic lights learn to go with the flow - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
technology: traffic lights learn to go with the flow  -  solar traffic light system
Mick Hammer's "smart" will be queuing up at the intersection soon.
Researchers at the government transportation and Road Research Laboratory have developed a system called MOVA-short for microprocessor --
Optimized vehicle drive-can change the lighting time at the isolated intersection to reduce the waiting time of the vehicle.
Mova is a slim girl.
Down version of Dragon-
SCOOT technology has been established, which has controlled the network of traffic signals in London and other major cities in the UK and abroad. SCOOT (
Representing the split-
Cycle optimization)
It is a larger system that enables computers to control dozens of traffic lights connected to each other.
The shrinking of electronic products makes MOVA possible.
It's also a relatively cheap technology: 10 years ago, SCOOT was economical only when computers controlled a lot of signals.
Now a small microprocessor can control a knot.
Detectors buried under roads at intersections can count vehicles.
The microprocessor balances the queue delay waiting for a red light with the traffic favored by the green light.
When those who wait longer than those who move get the time, the light changes.
The microprocessor constantly balances these competing demands and calculates the best cycle of change.
MOVA cut delaysby 13 percentage points on average.
However, there is nothing the system can do about very heavy traffic.
If traffic conditions are bad, resulting in a large number of queues on the approach road, MOVA automatically switches to a program that provides the longest green light time for upcoming traffic.
At isolated intersections, such heavy traffic rarely happens.
MOVA may be particularly useful at intersections where traffic is uneven, such as at sporting venues or near cinemas.
The system was tested for the first time in three years at an intersection near Wembley Stadium on London's North Ring Road, where rock concerts, football matches and free activities by Nelson Mandela co-led to instability
These trials have now been extended to 20 jun cities across the UK and have proven to be so successful that the Department of Transport has designated new systems for all new intersections, install on new roads
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