syria among the 10 most diverse resources of renewable energy in the world. - solar traffic light system

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syria among the 10 most diverse resources of renewable energy in the world.  -  solar traffic light system
Damascus, (SANA)-
Seeking diversity of renewable energy resources is one of the priorities of Syria's 10 th Five-Year Plan
Electricity demand is expected to increase to 44 MW
Working hours in 2010 and 70000 MW in 2020.
The plan aims to generate electricity from renewable sources in order to reduce the demand for fuel and natural gas for electricity generation.
Studies have shown that there are four areas in Syria where wind energy can be used: western and eastern parts of Homs, eastern parts of coastal mountains, al-
SheikhMountain, an ocean area off the Syrian coast, whose wind speeds are included in the economic investment of wind farms that use energy from 2mw wind turbines.
With regard to solar energy, the research team measured the brightness of the sun in Syria and recorded al-
Damir, hercia, AaAbu al-
Sama in Al-PalmyraTanf, al-
Bokamal and Bab al-Hawa regions.
The results suggest that possible wind/solar power generation in Syria could reach 100000 MW. e. 14-
More than the total output of the existing fossil energy station in 100.
In Syria, the generation of energy from household, oil, industrial and thermal waste indicates the production of more than 1000 megawatt hours, thus transferring waste generated by environmental problems to energy producers.
Existing forest and animal residues in Syria are sufficient to produce 2000 megawatt-hour biomass fuels that need to be used for agricultural activities and power generation.
The investment cost is full of joy Temple,
Renewable energy is five times cheaper than fossil energy.
After inspecting the technology used in power stations using natural gas and fossil fuels, the team focused on wasted energy, drawing attention, the possibility of utilizing these resources without any additional fuel, and by using the turbine to compensate the existing pressure reduction system, increasing the production of 1 m³ gas to 8 KW and generating electricity at the same time.
The team checked the specifications and quantities of natural gas used in power generation and the low prices on the market, suggested switching to renewable energy for power generation and using natural gas as a fuel for automobiles as an industrial compound.
This study shows the possibility of generating electricity from dams of vertical turbines using a small amount of water flow.
The waste of electricity is mainly in the industrial and trade sectors as well as in public institutions, because of the low price of electricity, the use of any Syrian industrial products is 9 times the use of electricity in Europe and the United States.
The study aims to encourage industrialists to use what they need to transfer to the solar and wind energy of industrial facilities and to strike through the network, equally applicable to public lighting systems, advertising panel lighting, A solar-powered traffic signal system and traffic signs are used.
With regard to household consumption, this study focuses on energy-saving systems through the thermal specifications added to the building codes, so thermal insulation will be adopted by public and private construction companies.
Managing renewable energy in Syria requires administrative legislation to follow a clear decision to manage the energy archives in Syria by investing in existing renewable energy resources and providing supplies, while allowing private investment in this area, mohammed Dibu, who helped Syria lead the group that conducted the study, said.
The study highlights the importance of integration between the public and private sectors in achieving the Tenth Five-Year Plan
The annual plan is designed to develop plans for the future, emphasizing the need to provide support and implement economic legislation and tools.
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