swastika-like street light designs to stay - solar street light design

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-01
swastika-like street light designs to stay  -  solar street light design
The City Council on Tuesday rejected a request from a prominent Jewish leader. -
Removal of Nazi Party Rights Organizations-
Like the 930 lamp poles installed in the 1920s, they said they were never Nazi symbols.
Last month, IRV Rubin, national president of the Jewish Defense League, criticized the city, saying that the signs around the basis of the gorgeous green light standard offended Jews and should have been removed long ago.
On Tuesday, he said he was "extremely disappointed" with the Security Council's decision, but JDL would not bring a lawsuit to force the city to comply, as he had threatened earlier.
Members of the Security Council "forgot that this particular symbol was embezzled by evil forces," Rubin said.
"Glendale has a poor reputation in racial relations in his history, which is not helpful in repairing this.
"Disputed Symbols--
Nazi version of Nazi Nazi Party emblem--
Described in a chain about 2 inches high around the bottom of the cast iron lamp post.
City officials said that 70 years ago, they appeared on lamp posts purchased in many southern California cities when they were regarded as symbols of good luck in Asia.
Swastika is a common ancient symbol, which has been in the design of America, Europe and Asia for centuries, and is still decorated with Buddhist temples.
The lamp pole was installed between 1924 and 1926.
The National Socialist Party of Germany began to use the logo as early as 1919, but the Americans did not oppose it. -
Judaism until Hitler came to power in the 1930s.
After Rubin complained, city Aidi.
Scott Howard studied and wrote an article 14-
The page report on the history of Nazi symbols offers several solutions to the controversy that urban property is decorated with Nazi symbols.
These options include a full replacement of street lights for $2.
Eight million, to grind or hide symbols, to do something.
The report says that although these lamp posts are not protected by any historical protection law, the Glendale History Society supports their preservation in the city's old urban areas.
Municipal officials admit they receive annual surveys of irregularities, but city council members cite reasons for keeping them. --
Including their century-
Old usage of various cultures-luck symbol.
"If this sign was so aggressive, it would not be Mr.
Rubin is standing here, and this will be the Jewish community, "said Senator Larry Zarian, noting that the rabbi of Glendale's only synagogue refused to support Rubin and opposed the removal of the symbols.
"I think we're making something very important out of something that should be small.
Seven residents were also opposed to removing or modifying lamp posts, and most were opposed to spending taxes on the matter.
Malcolm Hackett criticized the Jewish Defense Alliance, which he said attracted a lot of public attention on a "trivial matter".
"I just think it's a ridiculous endeavor because a few people are trying to push most people here," Huckett said.
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