special features of newly launched led traffic light core ... - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
special features of newly launched led traffic light core ...  -  solar traffic light system
A large number of companies of different sizes make traffic lights across India.
In addition to the traffic lights, the company is also trying to smooth in many other parameters, such as optimal visibility, energy saving, etc.
In the manufacture of traffic lights, due to the large number of symbols in the traffic monitoring system, the company is facing the major challenge of maintaining diversity.
The cost of each product will vary depending on the required hardware, such as amber or yellow LED arrows, with a cost of about INR 1500 per piece
Rotating arrows cost about INR 2550 per piece.
The transportation manufacturer provides the real function and the required product, the size is 300mm and 200, the cost is similarmm.
Traffic lights manufacturers can supply these products nationwide through procurement. In general, government supply is preferred by all manufacturers.
Because they buy products in batch mode, traffic light manufacturers have to manage variety and quality.
Since the LED lamp core has many advantages over incandescent lamps, the LED lamp has completely replaced the old incandescent lamp technology.
Power consumption, energy utilization, maintenance LEDs work better than bulbs in all parameters.
The LED light is a small diode that has a capacitor attached to a cluster of LED in different shapes such as arrows, bicycles, crosswalk, etc.
For bad weather conditions and battery backup mode, the LED core will also be better configured.
The LED light has an instant on/off start-up time, so it can also be easily operated in the solar module.
The red, green, and yellow LED lights are different from the white light illuminated through the color lens filter, and their colors are clear and clear.
Different color LED Wick (
Red, green, yellow or yellow)and size(100mm-300mm and more)
These are common now.
These cores are encapsulated in various shapes in street lights and traffic lights.
The life of the traffic lamp core is 70,000 hours long, with exclusive optical lens, multiple seals, waterproof and dust-proof, and large viewing angle.
It is very cheap compared to other monitors (around 30$-275$).
Basically, it is the core part of the traffic light system using cluster LED with lens.
The traffic light module consists of all circuits and a single-chip controller.
The main part of it is the controller, which estimates the timer of the traffic signal and color display (
Red, green, yellow).
The timer value changes the color and the flow runs smoothly.
Based on all the functions of the module, it is made up of all the peripherals connected to it and can operate in solar energy.
Finally, the module is the core part of the traffic monitoring system.
All traffic light modules are connected to the central processing system, so can be monitored in centralized mode.
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