spaces: couple built house with energy-efficiency as priority - stainless steel solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-26
spaces: couple built house with energy-efficiency as priority  -  stainless steel solar garden lights
Ten years ago, when Peter and he decided to downsize and build a small house, energy efficiency was one of their top priorities.
So they chose a design that included the radiation insulation of the attic. -
Reflective windows and other Eco-
Friendly function.
But their biggest investment was last year, when they installed 28 solar panels on their roofs.
They added four more this year.
"Texas has been basking in the sun," said German native Renault.
"This is clean energy.
When we lived in Germany, solar panels were a very "useful" thing, although they didn't get so much sun.
"The Glass Garden House in the Stone Oak Tree is one of the 18 families and offices on the Solar San Antonio Home Tour, scheduled for Saturday.
They are absolutely solar enthusiasts. “We are energy-
Efficient people, "Peter said.
"We like to do things for the environment. ” Their one-
The building is 2,400 square feet tall, bright, with large windows and a living room where restaurants, kitchens and family rooms are connected.
Inside and outside the walls were plastered, and for ease of care, the couple chose tile floors instead of carpets.
The palette is neutral. -
Cold Almond and Close-
White walls and floors-
The ceiling is very high, giving a feeling of spaciousness.
The family room is a comfortable area with windows overlooking the porch on one side and three windows above the entertainment center allowing light to enter while maintaining privacy. The energy-efficient nine-
Leaf ceiling fan keeps the room cool in summer and warm in winter.
An arc breakfast bar with four chairs separates the family room from the oak kitchen. -
Colored cabinets, some with glass front panels, Corian counters and stainless steel appliances.
There is a restaurant across the entrance corridor. -
White table and China cabinet.
Peter has something unusual in his office in front of the house. A life-
Peter wore his old army paratrooper uniform in wooden chips.
On the other side of the room is another work by Peter, a Trojan horse named Shaki.
Its "hair" is a carpet, and its mane and tail are made of mops.
A few years ago, he built the horse to show off the saddle. Their daughter bought him a saddle in Mexico.
Although solar panels reduce growers'energy consumption, this is not the main reason for installing them, Peter said. “We are energy-
He was sober and always wanted the sun, "he said.
CPS Energy Company's tax rebate and tax relief are good incentives.
The 32 panels cost $3,3101 to buy and install, he said.
The CPS tax rebate reduced the total by $14,297, and they could deduct $4,815 from income tax in 2012.
They expect to deduct $826 from the four panels installed this year.
Peter can check the panel's energy output on his computer and whether all the panels are working properly.
Sometimes these panels generate more electricity than the couple uses, so they are "stored" for future use.
Peter said, "It's really useful in summer. "
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