solar street lighting - current global landscape and future analysis - all in one solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
solar street lighting - current global landscape and future analysis  -  all in one solar led street light
Enjoy every moment of your life, day or night.
Now we can finish the work under the illumination of street lights.
We can now walk down the street without fear even at night.
Because of the innovation of solar lighting system, especially the technological progress.
The current trend is solar LED street lighting system, because it improves efficiency and environmental friendliness.
Now, countries have recognized the power of solar energy.
Many countries around the world feel the need to use solar LED street lights, the main share of which is North America, Asia. -Pacific (Asia Pacific)
Europe and the rest of the world(RoW).
The Asia-Pacific region has also been a market leader in 2017, and its output is expected to increase during 2018. -
In 2024, the compound annual growth rate was 11. 9 percent.
The increase of environmental problems has also promoted the development of the Asia-Pacific region.
On the other hand, ROW is expected to increase production to 14.
The forecast period was 2%.
China and India in the Asia-Pacific region are leading the solar LED street lamp market, accounting for the main share in 2017.
The motivation for this development is to reduce poverty expenditure. -
The country's rural areas are crowded with people.
In addition, dealing with the problem of long transmission lines and insufficient power supply is also one of the driving factors to meet its requirements to a large extent. -reduced cost.
In addition, in order to gain their own market share, many strategic developments have been carried out around the world.
These strategies are launching new products, cooperation, partnerships, agreements, contracts, acquisitions and mergers.
Among them, the relevant reason is the contribution of market participants in the industry.
The most important one is Su. -
Kam Power Systems Private Limited, Greenshine New Energy, Solar Lighting International, Solar G, Solex Energy, etc.
In addition, the use of LED, battery and solar panels is also declining.
In fact, it is reported that China reduced solar energy in 2016, 2008 and 2013. -
The world price of electric panels has risen by 80%.
Since its establishment in 1990, China has become one of the world's largest renewable resources world leaders.
It has bypassed America's photovoltaic facilities, reaching distant third and fourth places.
However, the market must face a problem that hinders its further growth, which is its initial installation cost.
Its initial cost is very high, in addition to the cost of traditional lighting devices.
Leading companies also have to face competition for counterfeit products that mimic the original solar modules and circulate globally.
In addition to accelerating market growth, testing standards, quality assurance and compliance standards are also constantly being applied.
But research shows that growth occurs in markets that are least affected by recession.
These recession-prone countries and falling LED prices have pushed back billions of dollars.
Certain control measures also need to be implemented.
This will allow the quality of light to conform to lighting standards, and also allow the LED to gain power at a lower current level, thereby extending its life.
To overcome budget constraints, governments will also develop innovative investment and financing strategies.
Other possibilities are open-
Private investment contracts, standards and policies.
In addition, governments are revising their technology standardization and labeling, including subsidies and testing procedures.
In short, what are the factors contributing to the growth of the solar market?
Efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may affect the market for solar street lamps.
Start to achieve sustainable development and reduce ecological impacts.
One of the biggest factors is the decline in the price of solar panels and batteries.
In addition, government subsidies have increased, demand for clean energy has increased, and economies of scale have grown.
Most importantly, the emergence of large-scale intelligent cities has become a major factor in the growth and development of street lamp marketing.
The United Nations expects the global population to grow by more than 60% by 2030.
With the acceleration of urbanization, water, sanitation, energy and other resources are also increasing.
So solar energy is our future. It's up to us to control the enormous impact on the environment and adopt a cost-driven approach. -
Effective methods to meet lighting needs.
This has also prompted major players in the industry to expand their influence in developing countries, particularly in China and India.
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