solar-powered traffic signal inaugurated on avanashi road - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-20
solar-powered traffic signal inaugurated on avanashi road  -  solar panel traffic lights
A fully solar-
On Wednesday, city police chief Amaresh Pujari launched an electric automatic traffic signal near the new scheme junction on Avinashi Road.
As the number of vehicles on urban roads increases, the new signal is 44 traffic signals installed in the city, which will help to regulate traffic.
Automatic traffic signal "Helios" sponsored by P"S. G.
And the son charity, the cost is rupees.
8 lakh, powered by 800 W solar panels, will last for two days even if there is no power.
City police chief Amaresh Pujari unveiled the signal in the presence of L.
Gopalakrishnan managing director, Paris Saint Germain and son's charity, Mr. Vem Kumar Govindan, medical director, PSG hospital, and J. S.
Bhuvaneswaran and Paris Saint Germain security officer. S. Nandakumar.
The new signal will enable the vehicle users of Peelamedu to turn right and reach Trish road through the new planned road.
Early vehicle users must make more distance and take U-
Turn around and go in the same direction and enter a new way of planning.
With the implementation of the new signal, traffic congestion is expected to be greatly alleviated as vehicles can enter planned roads to reach the tiruki Road and GV residential areas.
From JM Bakery to SITRA, green corridor project on Avinashi road, this will help the free flow of traffic as vehicles can maintain a speed limit of 40 km kilometers per hour, without having to park under any signal.
With the modernization of the signal and the reset of the signal timer in the city, road users are in trouble --
Police say there will be a free travel experience in the coming days.
The maintenance of traffic signals is the main responsibility of the sponsors and the police will assist them, police sources said.
Sources said that the traffic signal on avenasi trunk road is being rescheduled and the Green Corridor project will be implemented soon.
The green corridor, first on avanashi Road, then on tiruch Road, followed by metuparam Road. It will enable the driver to pass through a series of signals on the same section without parking under subsequent signals.
The driver must travel at a standard speed in order to cross the subsequent signal without being blocked by the red signal.
For example, the driver of JM Bakery signal company will soon be able to reach the KMCH junction without being intercepted at the LIC signal, Anna Statue signal, Lakshmi Mills signal in Nawa, PSG technical signal, ranga Vilas Mill's new scheme Road signal, hope the college intersection, as long as he or she advances at a standard speed.
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