solar powered tiki torch - solar powered garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-30
solar powered tiki torch  -  solar powered garden lights
The solar "tiki" flashlight is the type of product I am immediately attracted to.
Like all great ideas, it is simple, but it is new and original.
For many years, ordinary householders have relied on the power of the State Grid to supply outdoor lighting.
Garden lights, garage lights, Lane lights and anti-theft lights.
Often these lights stay up all night, not only costing us money, but also disturbing our conscience, because we waste the world's limited fossil fuel supply to illuminate the outside world, which is often when we are away.
Solar Tiki flashlights can now be used to solve this problem.
It has a cleverly hidden solar panel that generates electricity during the day and is stored in two rechargeable batteries.
At dusk, the flashlight lights up automatically and stays on all night.
The height of the flashlight can be adjusted from 39 "to 59".
You just push it to the ground and forget it.
It is durable and unaffected by the weather.
The most gifted thing is that it only cost 19 dollars.
That's very affordable.
It makes the solar Tiki torch the most practical first step in converting it into green energy.
You don't always need to spend thousands of dollars on solar panels or wind turbines.
Sometimes just a few dollars can have a positive impact on the environment.
It is called the "Tiki" torch because its bamboo design reminds people of Polynesian crafts.
The light it emits is itself a soft flicker type, more "organic" and softer than the intense light emitted by standard bulbs.
So if you have a garden, you play at night, if you leave a light outside your house, if you have a long lane or a dark garden path, you really should consider buying one or more solar Tiki torches.
They will save you electricity bills and may help extend the life expectancy of the planet.
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