solar-powered, bus-stop ads arriving in moncton - solar panel street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
solar-powered, bus-stop ads arriving in moncton  -  solar panel street light
Four new bus shelters are advertised electronically to save energy costs. -
Claire Pierce, Senior Transport Planner for Transport Organizations.
Codic Transpo has installed new shelters on new roads. -
It's next to Monckton Square Avenue.
These shelters will be lit 365 days a year from dusk to dawn.
The life of solar panels is 20 years, and the minimum life of LED lamps for advertising is 50,000 hours.
"We think it's a gradual approach so that we don't spend money on electricity, we can use solar energy to illuminate our sanctuary there," Pierce said.
Save energy. Every bus shelter costs $300 a year to power the grid.
Two solar panels at each bus shelter cost $5,000.
The use of solar panels will reduce the annual cost of each shelter by $50.
Codic Transpo will raise interest rates in the new year. The shelter is provided by Toronto-based Daytech Ltd. , which has been providing bus shelters for North American cities, including Moncton.
"It's been a long time. We need new construction in the square. We have a place there, so we built two bus lanes. -
It's on both sides of the street.
That means we need to buy new bus shelters, "Pierce said.
Dion McGuire, president of Dade Technologies, said they had hundreds of solar cells. -
Electrical installations in Canada and the United States.
The bus shelter was ordered at the beginning of the year.
They arrived a few months ago and worked perfectly well last week.
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