solar power park lands in star-trek-themed vulcan, alta ... - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-22
solar power park lands in star-trek-themed vulcan, alta ...  -  solar panel traffic lights
VULCAN, Alta. —
The "next generation" in stars "--Trek-
The Southern Alberta community includes a solar park and art exhibition.
The latest attraction in the town of waken, which has about 2,000 people, has a common name with Mr. waken.
The native earth of spook is receiving some attention for boldly entering a new era of electricity production.
And, since the planet waken is forged in flames, perhaps the new power project in this town is quite appropriate to take advantage of the energy of our solar fireball.
The solar park costs about $680,000, including separate solar panels, as well as solar panels as part of a stylized grain elevator, a green living space and an art exhibition lit at night.
The community considers the park the first such park in Canada.
Nevertheless, the mayor of the town admitted that it only provided enough electricity for two houses
Certainly not enough to power any spacecraft.
So it's not so much a way to illuminate the community as it's really a tourist attraction.
"We went boldly to places where no one had been before," said Mayor Tom Grant . ".
"It's like anything in life --
The garbage of one person is the wealth of another person, and the art of one person is the solar energy of another person.
I think we just have to look at the box outside.
"For decades, with the exception of the golden grain fields, a small piece of cow and grain elevator, few have noticed the god of fire named after the Roman god of fire.
But in the 1990 s, local tourism officials realized that they could name their town after the birthplace of spook.
In 1995, Vulcan released its own StarCraft FX6-1995-
Tourists are welcome.
Its plaque includes greetings written in English, waken and Klingon.
Another sign is to welcome visitors to waken with the motto "longevity and prosperity.
Three years later, space
The theme was "wacon travel Trek Station ".
The community also hosted the annual Vul-
The convention and spook day rodeo.
Leonard Nemo, who played the spook role in his original series, derivative works and films, visited waken in 2010 and was widely publicized and admired.
"I think there are opponents of anything anyone does," Grant said of the solar park . ".
"Some people don't think it's the best way, I'm sure.
"But when they take the concept and see what it can bring to our community, I think most people will be on the side. "Hey!
This is the future.
Grant, who lived in waken all his life, said the influence of Star Trek and The Science of the town
The majority of residents have accepted the relevant efforts.
He said it also had waken on the map.
"Some people still think it's a very interesting thing to do, but I'm in Boston and I put on a coat with the logo of our tourism industry," Grant said . ".
A woman asked him where the jacket came from and he told her about Vulcan.
She said, isn't waken in Alberta?
"In any case, we must see these things as positive . . . . . . Every small town community is trying to survive.
We all need this niche in our community, and this is ours.
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