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  -  solar panel traffic lights
Updated by Rob Waugh: 11:12 Eastern Daylight Time in the United States. Solarkindle cell phone case of Solarfocus on Jan. 9, 2012 is the charger of Amazon Kindle. -
Card reader, which uses the sun to "supplement" this gadget.
An hour of direct sunlight can provide three days of reading. -
Therefore, in warm countries, lucky users may no longer have to access power outlets.
Once the gadget is full, the solar thermostat transfers energy to the standby battery. -
Eight hours will charge the backup, which will provide about three weeks of usage.
The battery also powers the LED lamp.
Since the Kindle is designed for wireless applications, books and gadgets are sent to Gizmo via Wi. -
FI or cellular networks, probably many solar energy-equipped e-
The card reader may never be able to turn on the power supply. The leather-
However, composite bags with charger panels and batteries are very expensive. -
That's $80, only $30 less than the Kindle itself.
The device also provides a-
Under the LED lamp, it is powered by standby batteries.
"If you expose your solar panels to the sun, your Kindle will be recharged," Solar Focus said.
If your Kindle is dead and there's no sign of sunlight, you can switch the gadget from a backup battery to a full one.
A flashing LED lamp tells you how many batteries are in stock when charging.
When the Kindle is fully charged, the solar panels will automatically switch to backup batteries for charging.
When charging, the LED indicator flashes green.
Charging in direct sunlight for an hour can provide almost three days of reading time on your Kindle.
For best performance, use solar panels to charge the Kindle continuously - don't wait for the battery to run out before charging.
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