smart cities: how surat will get a grand makeover - 18 watt solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-02
smart cities: how surat will get a grand makeover  -  18 watt solar led street light
This week, we will include Bubaneswar, Pune and Wizag as part of the government's 100 smart city projects.
In addition, we will see Lavasa as a private initiative in the development of smart cities.
When you drive through the streets of Surat on a dark, cloudy afternoon, LED street lights surprise you.
The street lights up automatically.
The farther you ride, the more you will get on your smartphone before you realize it. -speeding.
Moreover, the speedometer has replaced the traffic police. -well, almost.
Not just these, an S-
Connect smart cards allow you to pay fines through cashless transactions.
It's just a small glimpse. Five years from now, once the ambitious Smart City Project of the NLD Government takes shape, how will the diamond city of Surat look and feel?
People familiar with the city have begun to look forward to it. -
A vehicle area on the busy side of the Loop Road between the Sahara Gate and the Millennium Market.
The other side can be turned into a pedestrian overpass.
It should be a different world from what it is now.
Traders and buyers of textiles and diamonds from other states and cities are under great pressure because workers loading and unloading goods in busy markets create uncontrolled traffic.
"Smart City Proposal(SCP)
"It's good not only for pedestrians, but also for the trading community to seamlessly load and unload stocks," says Devkishan Manghani, a major city. -
Textile traders.
Although work on the project has not yet begun, Surat has boasted of several first places.
Among them is the city's third treatment plant, which processes 40 million litres of water a day, the highest in Indian cities, with 95% of its drinking water covered in six cities. -
Millions of people.
As part of SCP, intelligent city development in Surat(SSCDL)
Established on March 31, the special vehicle, initially used to supervise the implementation of the project, has set an ambitious goal of providing 326 square kilometres of all-weather water supply to the entire urban area by 2020, which is higher than the current 19 square kilometres.
Under the leadership of Surat City Commissioner and SSDL Chairman Milin De Toravan, as well as SSCDL CEO M Nagarajan and Surat City Company J S Shah City Engineer, the Smart City Project is expected to make some progress later this month.
"The vision of the Surat Intelligent City Project is to use the potential of the city, to provide equal opportunities for citizens through the use of national resources, to obtain the best quality of physical infrastructure, social infrastructure and mobility, thereby improving the quality of life. " -of-the-
"Art technology," Torawane said, adding that the city had surpassed it. -
Per capita household income is 6 rupees.
There are 500,000 Indian cities.
According to Surat's proposal, Surat won the fourth place in the Smart City mission.
According to its mission guide, it divided the proposal into two parts-pan-
Urban Development and Regions-
Based on development. While pan-
The cost of urban development in the region is about 795 million rupees. -
The cost of the renovation project is 1. 802 billion rupees, and the total cost of the smart city project is 2. 597 billion rupees. Under the pan-
Urban Intelligence Solution, which seeks to implement systems and services to meet "traffic, mobility and connectivity".
Including Surat Integrated Transport-
Mobile Management Center, Automatic Ticket Selling and Checking System-
Connection Card Management System, Optical Fiber-to-
Home WiFi Connection and SMAC Center. For area-
According to the mission of Intelligent City, intelligent solutions for all-weather water supply, intelligent metering and quality, LED street lights with seasonal timers, the use of renewable energy, logistics parks, incubation centers, overpasses, intelligent parking lots, wastewater recycling/reuse and economically applicable housing will be reformed.
SSCDL has identified seven regional urban planning schemes. -
Development based on modification, including Anjana, Umarvada, Dumbhal, Magobob-Parvat Dunbar-
Magob and Dumbhal-Magob.
According to Shah-
Basic development will include refitting.
The Ministry of Urban Development has formulated guidelines for remodeling at least 500 acres. -
Based on the development of intelligent city.
Shah added: "The total area of these seven urban planning programs is 2,167 acres, which accounts for 8% of the population of Surat, but contributes 18% to the GDP of Surat.
On June 25, SSCDL will hold pilot demonstrations of SMAC Center, ITMS and slum reconstruction projects. -
Private Partnership(PPP)
Infrastructure includes 4350 affordable housing units.
Torawane said: "We will be able to monitor traffic, control intelligent street lighting systems, and have a bird's eye view of the city from the SMAC Center. "
At the same time, renewable energy use under SCP has begun.
"Municipal companies need about 25% of their 80 megawatts of electricity per year. -
Generating electricity from renewable sources such as solar and wind energy, "Torawane added.
Financially, the project is already on track, with the central government paying 194 million rupees according to the Smart City Mission Fund and the state government paying 102 million rupees.
The Government of Gujarat has recommended PricewaterhouseCoopers and Tata Consulting Engineering to undertake ICT work. (ICT)
SMC has also been working with its own consultants on solutions and infrastructure for Smart City projects, such as Multimedia Water Supply Consultants and MWH for Sewage Management.
According to Nagarajan, consultants in various areas of transformation and development are in talks.
So far, SSCDL has cooperated with the Surat Agricultural Products Market Committee to implement biogas power plants under the public-private partnership model.
Only when a detailed project report is prepared will real action begin.
Only then will people know how wide the gap is, or how challenging it is to make Surat a smart city.
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