six men jailed in britain over "predatory" solar energy panel scam - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-11
six men jailed in britain over \
LONDON (Reuters)-
Six fraudsters were jailed Tuesday in Britain for plotting a 17 million fraud to sell and install solar panels, often targeting vulnerable groups.
Office of Serious Fraud(SFO)
They said they were tried after the leader. -
Two brothers, former director of Solar Energy Saving Co. , Ltd. -
Seven months after escaping, he was caught in a routine police traffic jam.
These people manipulate victims by using false sales techniques, lies and false compensation guarantees to distort their transactions and maximize sales.
SFO says about 1,500 victims each lost 20,000 pounds.
They spent nearly 2 million, drove Lamborghini and Porsche sports cars, had cosmetic surgery, and flew to Switzerland and Italy by private jet.
They provide victims with a cash-back plan that falsely guarantees that their costs will be invested and returned within a few years.
But in fact, cash is transferred between a series of companies, a very vulgar scam, investigators said, the names of these companies were crossed out by hand on the certificate.
Ludovich Black, David Diaz, Steve Wilson, Robert Ross, Neil Hasty and Kenneth Reed were sentenced to three years'imprisonment. -and-a-half and seven-and-a-Half a year.
"These people set up predatory plans to steal thousands of people from their plight. -
Lisa Osofsky, director of the San Francisco Stock Exchange, said: "While pretending to provide vulnerable groups with opportunities to improve their financial security, they also win savings for vulnerable groups. "
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