shop for renewable energy devices opened - outdoor solar ceiling light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
shop for renewable energy devices opened  -  outdoor solar ceiling light
The Akshay Urja store of the Department of New and Renewable Energy plans to expand the sales and services of all renewable energy equipment and systems, including solar products, where collector Jayashure Muralidharan opened on Thursday.
Points of sale: The Akshay Urja store in Kontura, near the Nagar Railway Station along Tiruchi. -
The Thanjavor Highway itself is powered by Highway 1.
3 kW solar power generating set.
The inauguration ceremony adjacent to the conference hall was also powered by solar generators, although a diesel generator unit remained unchanged. -
Arun Rebero, the store manager, said.
He said the central government's support comes from the monthly subsidies provided by Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency for operating expenses and sales incentives, notifying that the central government supports the establishment of a store in each region to establish a retail network.
Solar roofs, indoor and outdoor lighting are one of the key areas, he said.
The store will guide buyers to get subsidies and tax incentives and comply with carbon credit procedures.
He said it was a model for free publicity in schools and universities on how renewable energy could mitigate global warming.
Alan Rebelo said.
In addition, the environment will be protected by telephone: 0431-2441383 and mobile phone: 8754021383/999992197. At the beginning of the store, collectors appealed to protect the environment by patronizing solar products.
Although solar products require initial investment, there is no need to pay monthly electricity bills.
She took the opportunity to bring home the importance of planting saplings to solve pollution.
The collector opened the store in the presence of S.
Sridharan, President of the Small Industry Association of Tiruchi District(TIDITSSIA). T.
Raju Rebero, Managing Director, Kontura Solar Energy Company, India, T. V.
Murali, President of the Federation of Indian Industries, Tiruchi Zone, S.
Sampat, President, Bidas, Tirucci and S.
Abdul Rashid, Secretary of Tidia, attended the meeting.
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