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save energy! go green with outdoor solar lights - large solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
save energy! go green with outdoor solar lights  -  large solar garden lights
Solar energy lamp is the best choice to save energy.
It is everyone's duty to deal with the earth.
A large proportion of us have now noticed the appropriate procedures for the planet, such as reusing to reduce the amount of waste we provide and our carbon impression.
Some of the reasons why we have to choose solar lamps at home-
Today's solar garden lights have far more equipment than they used a few years ago.
They are limited in shape and large in size, and it is difficult to find high-quality products, which were rare before, and the price is a little high.
Anyway, it's completely changed now!
You can now find a wide range of them in any market.
LED lamps are 80% more proficient than other lights, such as fluorescent and incandescent lamps.
95% of the energy in LEDs is converted to light, and only 5% is wasted as heat.
By contrast, fluorescent lamps convert 95% of their energy into heat and only 5% into light!
In addition, the power of LED lamp is much less than that of traditional lighting.
An ordinary 84-watt fluorescent lamp can be replaced by a 36-watt light-emitting diode to provide the same brightness.
There are many kinds of outdoor solar lamps on the market.
In fact, this choice is so extreme that there is no reason to continue using traditional lighting devices, including wires connected to your home's power system.
Other savings in operation and power efficiency, solar lighting can be easily implemented in that place, which will be costly if you have to hire an electrician to complete the work.
Here are some ideas for solar lighting that can take hours-
With so many options for solar lighting, you may find it difficult to choose a suitable one for your home.
The top priority is to have a style and design that you think is great.
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