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by:Litel Technology     2019-08-23
road watch: city traffic lights out | adelaide now -g-icon-error cloudy-day nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right nav_small_right 0a0871e9-1636-49f4-9041-2e36e2bb533  -  solar traffic lights manufacturers
Drivers were warned to remain vigilant this morning because of the wet city roads and chaotic traffic signals.
Nick Green, from the Australian Transport Network, said drivers driving in Victoria Square this morning should have expected that traffic lights would not work due to ETSA failures and that there would be no lights at the corner of King William and Flinders Street.
On the east side of the Hahndorf highway, asphalt works are being carried out all day, with restrictions and sometimes delays.
Starting from the 9th, the Southern Expressway will be closed again for repeated construction.
Between Tolot Park and Old Noranga from 30:00 to 2:00.
This morning, on the Duke Highway west of Kumanduk, a truck caught fire, causing people to divert to Melbourne.
South Road, Edward Dunstone Layer Road, Kingsworth Endley Beach Road, Meyer End Tarsi Street and Enly Road, Malvine Greenshire Road, Enly Cross Road, Enly Park South Road, Cleverley Parker Maine South Road and Mercedes Road, Dr. O'Harold Hills Donald Bradman, Koandili Brighton Road, Glenn Elgmann North Road, Enfield Mann North Road Blair Assorsmart Road, St Agnes Matt Road, Moblino East Rd, Ridgehavencavan Rd and Salisbury Hwy, Dry Creekgrand Junction Rd, Hope Valleylyons Rd, Holden Hillgrenfell Rd, Redwood Parkchurll Rd, Kilburgle Valnane Rd/Old Port Wakefield Rd, Virginia.
Anzac HWY/Greenshire Road, Adelaide.
Bank of Australia and New Zealand HWY/Greenhill Rd, Keswick.
HWY/Long St, Plympton, Australia and New Zealand Bank.
Novar Garden Anzac Hwy/Morpett Road.
Beach Road/Southern Exit, West Hackham.
Beach Road/Southern Exit, Moffett Valley.
Brian Road/Neville Street, Gripps Cross.
Brighton Road/Elgar Road, Summerton Park.
Brighton Road / Foxton Road, south of Brighton Road.
Brighton Road/Grantham Road, South Brighton.
Brighton Road/Wharf Road, Eastern Glenn.
Brighton Road/Melton Street, east of Glenn Elger.
Brighton Road/Oakland Road, Grangernan.
Glenn Grog East Brighton Road/Wharf Street.
Brighton Road/Forrest Street, Brighton.
Churchill Road/Dudley Street, Prospects.
Churchill Road/Regent Road, Prospects.
Churchill Road/Rose Street, Prospects.
Churchill Road North/Cavenwickfield Harbour Road.
South Albany Street Commercial Road, Port Noranga.
Business Road/Geraldon Street, Port Nolanga South.
Cormack Road/Davis Street, Winfield.
Komar Road/North Am Road, Otowe.
Ascot Park, Dawes Road/David Avenue.
Pasadena Road/Goodwood Road.
East PDE/Grand Trunkway, Port Adelaide.
Flagstaff Road/Atley Street, Flagstaff Hill.
Forster Road/Brookside Street, Oakden
Foster Road / Big Crossing Road, North Gate.
North Gate Forster Road/Redwood Avenue.
Flalton Road/Ferguson Avenue, Heigate.
Fulaton Road/Fisher Street, Mertel Bank.
Goodwood Road/Dawes Road, panorama.
Goodwood Road/Leading Street, Goodwood.
Canyon Road/Silk Road, Paradise.
Big Crossing Road/Cook Street, Modbury.
The main intersection of Ludwin Street at Grupps Cross.
Big Crossing Road/Hansen Road, Asol Park.
Grand Junction Rd/Nelson Rd of Gilles Plains.
Big Crossing Road/Sukhoz Road, Oakton.
Grantsgall Road/Luke Street, Clarendon.
Adelaide Greenhill Road/Anzak Highway.
Greenhill Road/Corning Ham Street, Dewedge.
Adelaide Greenhill Road/Fulalton Road.
Greenhill Road/Fullerton Road, Eastwood.
Greenhill Road/Glenn Osmond Road, Adelaide.
Adelaide Greenhill Road/Goodwood Road.
Greenhill Road/Goodwood Road, Weiville.
Adelaide Greenhill Road/Hurt Road.
Linden Park, Greenhill Road/Hyde Street.
Adelaide Greenhill Road/Peacock Road.
Greenhill Road/Portrush Road, Linden Park.
Adelaide Greenhill Road/Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.
Weville, Greenshire Road/Sir Lewis Cohen Avenue.
Adelaide Greenhill Road/Uney Road.
Greenhill Road/unley Road, unley.
Granville Hart Street/Carlisle Street.
Hart St/Swan TCE, Eselton.
Henry Beach Road/Dew Street, mile end.
Henry Beach Road/Marion Road, Torrensville.
Holbrooke Road/Ashley Street, Underground Channel.
Holbrooke Road/Grange Road, Flinders Park.
John Rice Avenue/Haydn Road, Elizabeth Valley.
Kensington Road/Clapton Road, Kensington.
Kensington Road/Greenburn Road, Kensington Garden.
Kensington Road/Queen Street, Norwood Road/Matthew Street, O'Halloran Hill.
Down Northeast Road/Christopher Street, De Nan Sirte.
Margill Road/Green Street, Kensington Park.
Major North Road/Ballville Street, Prospects.
Blair Assor, Darlington Avenue/Main North Road.
Main North Road/Gaulle North Interchange ramp(from Nuriootpa), Hewett.
Medi Garden North Main Road/Beitai TCE.
Willaston, Main North Road/Redbanks Road.
Major North Road/Robe TCE, Medindie.
Main North Road/Sutler TCE, Enfield.
Evanston Garden North Main Road/Tiver Road.
Main South Road/Laonan Road, Reynella.
Main St/Cox pl, Crafers.
Marion Road/Dudley Street, North Primpton
Marion Road/Horson Avenue, North Primpton.
Marion Road/Nelpina Avenue, Holmes Park.
Marion Road/Oakland Road, Holmes Park.
Marion Road/Lagrange Avenue, Princeton Park.
Marion Road/Ralph Street, Bedford Park.
Marion Road/Shelley Avenue in Primpton Park.
Marion Road/Sixth Ave, Park Holme.
Marion Road / Southern Exit, Stuart.
Marion Road / Third Avenue, Holmes Park.
Marion Road/Thomas Street, South Plampton.
Macintyre Road/Main North Road, south of Salisbury.
Military Road/Wharf Road, Largs Bay.
Tennyson Institute of Military Research/Trimmer PDE.
Gregory Moffett Road/Baker Street
Moffett Road/Brey Street, Moffettville.
Gregory Moffett Road/Klein Avenue.
Moffett Road/Oakland Road, Moffettville.
Murray Road/Palerm CR, Port Nolanga.
Murray St/Horrocks pl, Gawler.
Northeast Horton Hill Aberdeen Avenue.
Valley Park Northeast Road/Ascot Avenue.
Northeast Windsor Garden Road/Sudholz Road.
North TCE/Hackney Road, Kent Town.
North Kote TCE/Park Road, north of Adelaide.
Norton Peak Road/Grill Avenue, Maggil.
Oakland Road/Beaufort Avenue, Holmes Park.
Auckland Road/Brighton Road, Summerton Park.
Auckland Road/Diagonal Road, Summerton Park.
Auckland Road/Hendry Street, Auckland Park.
Auckland Road/Marion Road, Holmes Park.
Auckland Road/Moffett Road, Voladel.
Old Port Road/Frederick Road, Port Adelaide.
Panalatinga Road/Reynell Road, Woodcroft.
Parker TCE/Gawler Street, Salisbury.
Parker TCE/Jeffcott Street, north of Adelaide.
Parking lot TCE/Sixth Street, Burton.
Pennham Road/Stephanie Street, Stephanie.
Port River Expressway/Hansen Road
Port Road / Church Street, Barton.
Port Road / Old Port Road, Cheltenham.
Queen's Street Port, Clauden
Woodville, Port Raleigh
Tapleys Hill Rd Port Road/Tapleys Hill Rd, Queenstown.
Cavenwickfield Harbour Road/Diagonal Road.
World Derby Park Wakefield Harbour Road/Ryan Road.
Wakefield Harbour Road/St. Kilda Road, Cape Waterloo.
Wakefield Harbour Road/Waterloo Corner Road, Waterloo Corner.
Portrush Road/John Street, Pennham.
Foreground Road/Barton Street, Blair Assor.
Prospect Road/Brunswick Street, Blair Assor.
Foreground Road/Gloucester Street, Foreground.
Prospect Road/Kintore Avenue, Prospect.
Blair Assor, Prospect Road, Leslie Avenue.
Foreground Road/Lionel Avenue, Blair Assor.
Prospect Road/Milner Street, Prospect.
Prospect Road/Northcote Street, Blair Athol.
Looking ahead to Road/Olive Street, Looking ahead.
Foreground Road/Rose Street, Blair Assor.
Bryer Azol Solent Avenue Prospect Road.
Richmond Road/Deacon Street, Richmond.
Richmond Road/South Road, Richmond.
Rowell Road/Peter Street, Rockley.
Darlington Seacombe Road/Zhengnan Road.
Sheriff Road/Hillier Road, Renera.
Sir Donald Bradman, Dr. Hilton Milnaway.
Sir Donald Bradman, Doctor Taprishire Road, Rocky County.
Sir Donald Bradman, Corandila, Wilson Street.
South Road/Alexandria Avenue, Ashford.
Kurrata Park South Road/Anzac Hwy.
South Road/Castle Street, Edwards Stone.
South Road/Inglish Avenue, Colofley Park.
South Road/Big Crossing Road, Corner Park.
South Road/Grange Road, West Indian Marsh.
Southern Highway/Beach Road North Access ramp, Christie Downs.
Southern Expressway/Brodie Road, North Inlet and Outlet ramp, Reynella.
Drainage ditches on the Southern Expressway/Reynella Panatalinga River.
O'Halloran Mountain South Expressway/Lander Road.
Southern Expressway/South Main Road, Bedford Park.
O'Halloran Hill Southern Expressway/Majors Road.
Southern Highway/Main Road Flyover, Tolot Park.
Southern Expressway/Marion Road, Stuart.
Southern Expressway/Stuart Seacombe Road
Southern Expressway/Seacombe Road Flyover, Stuart.
Southern Expressway/Reynella Sherriffs Road.
St. Bernard Road/St. George's Church.
Stuart Road/Brighton Road, Brighton.
Sturt Road/Marion Shoppingtown Channel, Auckland Park.
Parade / George Street, Norwood.
Torrence Road / David TCE, Kilkenny.
Torrence Road/Drayton Street, Burton.
Woodville Torrance Road/Hansen Road.
Victor Harbour Road/Maine Road, McLaren Valley.
West Lake Avenue/Alma TCE, west of Woodville.
Walmar Road/Stabonius Road, Davoron Park.
Woodville Road/Harvey St West, Woodville.
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