pew pew!: 5 incredible lasers that will change the world - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
pew pew!: 5 incredible lasers that will change the world  -  solar traffic light system
The tool is how we can turn the hunger of the primate animal into "I want a bottle of red steak.
"Most of our tools only follow the laws of physics, while lasers follow the laws of physics.
We keep quantum mechanics in cages, cutting perfect lines in a complex universe.
A pen laser can tell aliens more about our genius than Shakespeare's complete works.
The laser shows mastery of the mind, mathematics, and matter.
Shakespeare made us look like a rat who committed suicide by mistake.
Take a look at the splendor of the five laser systems that are being built or already shining.
LISA PathfinderMatter tells space how to bend, space tells matter how to move, and we solve these two problems with a nervous system dedicated to capturing bananas. (
The only real "life hack" is).
Gravity is the most obvious of the four basic forces, but it is also the weakest, which is why we usually observe the curvature of time and space.
LISA Pathfinder will finish in 38 centimeters.
Physicists often simplify problems by ignoring things and approach answers by getting rid of mixed and complex situations.
I would really do that.
The spacecraft will leave the Earth to find peace and tranquility and fly to areas in the solar system that are relatively undisturbed, there it will use its own hull to protect the existing two most beautiful cubes from other presence. Each cube is 1.
96 kg polished perfect, 46-mm-
The positive hexagonal surface of goldplatinum alloy.
The use of this material is due to its low magnetic sensitivity, not just to receive a higher award than the Olympic gold medal, because it is far more than the call of gravity.
The Cube will float in LISA-P.
The laser will track how far away they are in a fraction of a billion of 1 m, launching a liquid metal ion propeller to keep the right distance.
This will be the only smart game in the solar system that "can't touch you, can't be angry or inaccurate.
"Laser interference measurements will also track the distance between cubes.
Fly in the sky while measuring things that are accurate to 1 m months.
If angels are really dancing on pins, the system can read the size of their shoes.
Cubes will fly in almost perfect free fall, protected from everything else that exists, and their motion tracks the ground wire that passes through the surface of time and space.
We throw stones not to see the splash, but to surf the shape of reality itself.
So Lisa will be high above, find something precious within, and create a kind of inner peace, so that nothing can disturb it and feel the harmonic of light beating back and forth between the centers of light, this inner harmony is used to describe the shape of the universe.
This is a Zen ship.
ATHENA laser blasting some people are disappointed that the modern laser is not just an enemy of evaporation, it's like being disappointed that the modern rods are used in airplanes and bridges instead of killing the cave people.
But Lockheed Martin has found a solution to the problem.
In fact, this is the answer to any question until including the Cobra conspiracy. The is a 30-
KW laser and what happens when someone adds 30 years of technological progress.
Athena is named after the goddess of wisdom, inspiration, war, mathematics and skill, each of which applies to the results.
Like other sacred emotions, such as "awe", "fear" and "cry for the terrible beauty ".
In one test, Athena "disabled" a truck engine.
Another test of her predecessor, Adam, was to Pierce multiple compartments of a small military ship.
New weapons often trigger dystopian fears, but they are a system of hope.
Think about it: If Michael Beizhen starts to happen, we can turn it off in 30 seconds instead of three hours.
Fiber Lasers happen when fiber decides that the only information they need to carry is "goodbye.
"Athena improves power by combining multiple fiber laser modes into a beam of output beams.
The result is a cable that can continuously amplify the light for the longer it takes to get it, and is flexible enough to target the output.
We invented the laser hose.
They say you should put a ring on it if you like it.
An international team of scientists likes laser physics and its ring, proving their love for survival with the smartest symbols of understanding they can imagine.
As a result, the polarization of the laser is distorted into-sided surface.
Forgot the cowboy shot to dance--
Scientists have fired a laser that turns the light itself incredibly.
They send the beam through the LCD q-
Plate, this is a more-
It sounds more scientific than the warp drive.
This plate divides the incoming beam into two parts, which are reorganized and focused to form an optical Mobius band.
This is not a circle of beam.
In this photo, the light moves in the direction of the Green Arrow, and an oscillation is forced to leave its own center and twist into the mobius band.
They also added twist with different q-
Create a plate of this beautiful starMobius.
They observed the resulting pattern with gold nanoparticles, scanned a little precious metal through the pattern, and read out the magnetic effect.
Because there is no collection of awesome ideas that we will not achieve.
They twist the frontier of laser physics into mathematical beauty.
Even the phrase "structural Light" is the form given by our wisdom (
And potential production tools).
This is an exquisite piece of induction art.
It looks like a bald monkey has put oil on a large piece of dead tree, and that's what it turns out to be.
They say the line between genius and madness is thin.
That's because it's 530-
The nano-green beam is distorted into a compact manifold that is not oriented, and this is to remind us that this line is going to the future.
When we divide the laser into two waves and then recombine them to measure the difference, we can measure the space-time elastic interference.
The atomic interference measurement is that we separate the two waves and then recombine them to measure the difference.
This is not a revolutionary new technology.
We did this
Before we calculated that we would stop using the original actor, we calculated quantum matter waves.
Popular culture has always acted like quantum mechanics, a crazy theory that no one really understands.
Quantum mechanics is the core of every electronic device you use (
Semiconductor is just one of the more common examples).
We don't understand all quantum mechanics, just like someone might not have read the entire library ---
They are still more capable and capable than before.
We all hear that light can act as a particle or a wave. So can matter --
It's just that the wavelength of matter is so small that if we don't have enough wisdom about it, we can't experience it.
But how did mankind make every progress in history.
We now use this very small wavelength for very accurate measurements.
We divide the ultra-cold atomic cloud into two groups with laser pulses.
The interference of these groups, we read the results with more laser pulses.
Laser is our Sonic Screwdriver: we can do almost nothing.
Remember this next time you see someone.
In the same year, we made quantum wave interferometer, and Marky Mark and Funky Bunch released "Good Vibrations", proving that humans have been able to achieve a series of incredible things for a long time.
A recent example is an international team of scientists from Florence and the University of Bologna working with the European Space Agency.
They simultaneously threw three ultra-cold atomic clouds composed of rubidium atoms, and then fired a series of lasers to separate them and recombine them.
The resulting quantum stripe
Interfering substances allow them not only to measure local gravity, but also to measure the slope of gravity, and to measure the curvature of the Earth's gravitational field with incredible accuracy.
They measure the composition of our entire planet with the smallest waves we can control.
1 stop light (
Then start again)
Light is the fastest thing that exists. .
Parking is quite easy (
You can just close your eyes)
But a team at the University of damstadt kept it moving for a minute and then signaled it to move on.
A probe laser pulse was frozen in an over-cooled aseion-
Because all the lasers-
The legal requirement is based on the sound of scientific research like a 1950 second B-Expo conversationmovie.
How do we make a freeze laser for this material?
Because this is the best solution.
The laser pulse is prepared to establish the quantum state of the crystal, and then the magnetic sensitivity induced by the "write" pulse is transparent (EIT).
Our laser makes the material transparent and makes the probe pulse enter the material.
We actually launch a laser on matter until it does what we say.
Then, when the probe is still inside, the "write" pulse is turned off, the transparency is removed, and the probe pulse is captured.
However, the detector is not destroyed, but is encoded into the quantum energy level of the atom.
External magnetic fields keep them stable for more than a minute, which is infinite in quantum terms, plus countless years.
The "read" pulse from the control laser makes the material transparent again, and.
After 60 seconds, they were able to recover probe pulses and images in this way.
At that time, the light should have moved 18 million kilometers.
We put it in 3mm of the crystal.
Stopping such light can be useful for quantum computing and communication, if you are the kind of person who can see people and then need another impressive reason.
We have been told that powerful people once said, "Let the light exist.
"Human reaction? "When say so.
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