outdoor art festival lights up amsterdam in dark winter - solar powered led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
outdoor art festival lights up amsterdam in dark winter  -  solar powered led street lights
As a canal boat glides along Amsterdam's elegant Helingrahutt Canal, a man walking across the bridge pushes down a bicycle pump.
Like him, a tulip model-
Its flowers sparkled purple. -
Rise quietly from the water.
Art Installation-
The title is "Tulip Fever! " -
It's an interesting part of Amsterdam Lantern Festival.
27. In order to bring some light and color to the gloomy winter days and nights that settled in the Dutch capital. [image]On a huge clearing-
The air show lasts until January.
18. The waterways and canal networks that make up the historic center of Amsterdam form the backdrop of dozens of works of art, including a giant luminous origami. -
Its creators say that by posting online, the ship can be designed as a light sphere by changing the color according to the atmosphere of the city.
There are two ways to watch the festival: on foot, with or without a guide, or on a long, low boat gliding through the city on a canal cruise ship.
To be more energetic, the local club even organized a boat trip. [image]
The route, called "Water Color", takes about 75 minutes and is open.
Most of the city's Canal Cruise operators offer night tours along the Amsterdam Canal Ring and the Amsterdam River. The 90-
Minute walk route, entitled "Lighting", open for December.
Late January, November4.
You have to pay tour guide and cruise fare. -
Prices vary according to the luxury level on board. -
You can also walk around town and see works of art for free.
This year is the third edition of the Lantern Festival. There are several interactive exhibitions.
Shock wave-
The "Bridge of Light" is made up of tiny lights that change color and respond to movements such as bicycles passing through the bridge or boats from Amsterdam to the Helingrahutt Canal.
Another device is a huge heart made up of 178 bottles. -
It is said that every nation living in Amsterdam has one. -
Contains LED lights that can be controlled by visitors.
Its creator says that through this festival application, you can light your heart with the color of the flag.
A giant ring, called the Circle of Life, is formed around a narrow footbridge. When a boat passes by, it also changes color to simulate the flashing lights of water on the canal walls.
Another bright spot is huge but fragile. -
In the card house near Amsterdam's Central Railway Station, there are 125 light boxes decorated with 40 contemporary street artists as playing cards. [image]
During the cruise, followed by the "card house", a series of glowing balls float on the surface of the water. As the cruise ship passes, the color also changes. There is also a pontoon bridge, as the cruise ship moves under the arch, the color also changes.
When the festival is active at night, galleries and museums around the city also have activities related to lighting themes to keep tourists busy during the day.
When you have more time in the Netherlands, look at the newly installed Star Night bike lane in Eindhoven. --
Solar energy as a power to pay tribute to one of Van Gogh's most famous works.
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