night lights: candlepower for patios. - small solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-27
night lights: candlepower for patios.  -  small solar garden lights
No one regrets Thomas Edison's discovery of how to use electricity.
But if you're looking for an attractive atmosphere, candlelight is stronger than kilowatt every time.
In Ramada, the backyard of Scottsdale, Arizona, artist Jeff Zisk holds candles with antique carriage lights and ordinary Mason cans.
He added their light. -voltage lamps.
"Candles are irreplaceable. -Light, "he said.
"The flickering light attracts people like moths.
For rooftop terraces in California's Palm Desert, Iradonova has not given up power.
She eats by candlelight.
"It's great to stand around there. -
Darkness, look at the stars, "she said.
In the wildflower meadow behind the Escondito home in California, Greg Rubin creates the illusion of candlelight by changing the sun's light, which automatically turns on when the sun sets.
"This is the candle of a fool," Rubin said.
The magic metal rings in the air hang on the top slab of the masonry can without cover, which the owner calls a "light pendant".
Design: Jeff Zisk, Zisk Studio, Scottsdale, Arizona(www. zischkestudio. com or 480/483-9225)[
Ellipsis diagram][
Ellipsis diagram]
Desktop environment Various candles are placed at will-
The size of the glass illuminated a table in Eladonovan's rooftop garden.
A candlelight Moroccan lantern is at the end of the line, leading your eyes to the distant mountains and fading away in the night light. [
Ellipsis diagram]
Solar Energy Capability for Manufacturing Solar Lamps(
Maribu Sea; www. intermatic.
Retailer website)
Like a candlelight torch, Greg Rubin twisted off their ID, fitted with lighting, and discarded the base and shell.
Then he placed the lid on transparent, flexible glass made of metal piles. (Pier 1 Imports; www. pier1. com or800/245-4595).
To achieve the best results, Rubin suggested using amber-colored white LED lights and placing a piece of white paper at the bottom of the glass to better reflect light.
Design: Greg Rubin, California Escondito Native Landscape Design Company(www. calown. com or 760/746-6870)[
Ellipsis diagram]
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