neighbours find lots of ways to bond - hanging solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-28
neighbours find lots of ways to bond  -  hanging solar garden lights
It is generally believed that people who travel together will stay together.
In addition to the usual holiday parties, USJ 3/4 Rukun Tetangga(RT)
By organizing trips to other states, the link between residents is further promoted.
Tan Yaya, chairman of RT, is also a member of JKP in District 3 of Subang Jaya City Council. He said that they organized a JKP. -
A short trip to Sekinchan and Ipoh last year.
"We received positive feedback and the residents said they enjoyed the trip.
"So we plan to take two overnight trips this year, one to Malacca and the other to Taiping and Penang Island," he said.
RT also organizes activities such as self-
National Defense Training, Bowling, Flea Market and Competition-
Cooperate with the police.
In last year's Memorial of Our Older Persons program, older people were given wristbands with their contact information to prevent their disappearance. Anyone who found them could contact their families.
"We first collected the number of elderly people at USJ 3/4, and two months later we prepared wristbands for them," he said.
The RT patrol had more than 30 participants walking or cycling nearby.
"We also register people door-to-door, which is a good way to get to know each other better," he said.
Three years ago, the Royal Horticultural Society began community horticulture activities in Jalan USJ 3/4P.
In the environment-
The garden's friendly features are solar and rainwater harvesting systems.
"We grow a lot of fruits, like grapefruit and durian," he said.
Members keep in touch through the WhatsApp team.
Tan said, "We have a word of mouth which is dedicated to serving the residents and everything under the sun.
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