multipurpose solar pest manager for brinjal and jasmine growers - stainless steel solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-26
multipurpose solar pest manager for brinjal and jasmine growers  -  stainless steel solar garden lights
Continuous power supply is essential for any type of agricultural activity.
Especially in villages where the concept of inverters or generators has not yet made a major breakthrough, power interruption means temporary suspension of any activity until power supply is restored.
Although the government has repeatedly stressed the need to use solar energy and subsidized the installation of solar power generators for agricultural-related activities, the concept has not made progress.
But for people like Mr.
David Raja Beula, assistant director of horticulture at Kadayam in Tirunelveli district, Tamil Nadu, said power outages did not seem to be a major problem because he developed several solar farming equipment.
One of his recent innovations is a multifunctional solar pest manager and garden lights.
According to him, the device was developed to help eggplant and jasmine growers in the area control fruit borers and white fly pests.
The sun is about eight feet high.
It has a solar panel, a battery, two five-watt bulbs and an insect-collecting stainless steel tray coated with a viscous paste of castor oil and shampoo mixture.
Eggplant and jasmine growers in the Kadayam region have long struggled to control fruit borers and white fly pests.
To control the problem, they sprayed insecticides every seven days.
In the meantime, I developed a multi-functional solar pest manager and introduced it to the participants at the meeting.
About 35 farmers attending the conference were given an experimental device to test the efficiency of the device. Beula.
Drosophila killings began to be collected at a rate of three months, gradually increasing to 500 months per day, and white flies increased from 100 to 700 per day.
We also found that the frequency of pesticide spraying decreased from seven times a day to 15 days, and finally within 30 days, thus reducing the cost from Rs. 10, 000 to Rs.
Bringer and rupee 5000 per acre. 24,000 to Rs.
"Jasmine 12,000 yuan," he explained. Priced at Rs.
He said 15,000 tablets could also be used to control pests on other crops.
Because the device is also equipped with lighting equipment, it can be used to illuminate the fields and gardens where the device is used.
Farmers repeatedly spray chemicals or, in the case of organic methods, use the biological applications needed for jasmine and eggplant crops.
But it seems impossible to eradicate completely because the larvae are hidden in branches and fruits and escape from the spray.
"Farmers naturally overdo it. -
Spraying considered that more spraying could effectively control pests.
Repeated spraying can cause huge losses to a small farmer.
"In addition to the financial costs of purchasing inputs, overuse of chemicals can have a negative impact on the environment, harvested flowers and vegetables, and pose serious risks to consumers," he said. Mr.
Siwa Perumar, a small farmer from the village of Therkumadathur, shows thousands of white flies attracted and killed in jasmine crops.
Another farmer from Tharuvai village.
Anthony Raj was impressed by the device's effectiveness in controlling fruit borers in his eggplant crop. "I am confident that the planting area will be expanded from half an acre to two acres in the next season," he said.
The Dhan Foundation, a Madurai NGO working for farmers'welfare, documented that solar multipurpose devices help reduce cotton bollworm infestation on cotton crops by controlling moths, and that the use of pesticides among 35 farmers who use them has been reasonably reduced.
"At present, I have no ready-made equipment for anyone interested in trying it.
It is manufactured on order.
So the farmers who needed it were asked to contact me in advance and place orders. Beula.
For more details and personal visits, interested farmers can contact Mr. P.
Assistant Director of Horticulture Kadayam, David Raja Beula Tamil Nadu Tirunelveli District, e-mail: microeconomicsdavid@yahoo. co.
In, mobile phone: 09486285704.
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