mtdc instals 100 solar lamps at elephanta - high power solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-26
mtdc instals 100 solar lamps at elephanta  -  high power solar garden lights
Mumbai: Villagers living around the famous Elephanta Cave in the Galapari Islands do not have electricity, but for tourists, the National Tourism Administration recently installed 100 solar lamps.
Seashore of Heritage Island-
All three wharfs, some sidewalks, restaurants near caves, some toy train tracks and public toilets-
In the past week, these solar lights have been on.
For Akin Cassette, who often visits the island, the lights on the island surprise him.
"The scenery is pleasant.
He said: "I hope that the time for tourists to take a boat will be extended to the evening. "
He pointed out that when the last ship returned from Eliphanta at 3 p. m. , several of his friends wanted to visit the island, but they could never do it.
However, heritage conservationists have problems maintaining infrastructure for the authorities.
Anita Garware of the Indian Heritage Association, who organized the famous Elevanta Festival, said: "Similar solar lamp experiments have been carried out in the past, but they have not been successful because the authorities have not maintained solar panels.
One needs to take care of solar panels, not just make one. -
Invest in advertising time for the next polling season.
Rajendra Padte, a former Sarpanch on the island, said: "Solar lighting in tourist attractions has become a consolation for local vendors who serve tourists and villagers. However, 24-
Hourly electricity consumption in the home is still a dream.
CFL Solar Street Lamp System with Protective Device(so that anti-
Social factors and monkeys don't hurt them.
Installed by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation(MTDC)
With the help of Renewable Green Energy Private Limited. Ltd.
It cost 16 million rupees.
"We have installed solar lights at designated locations.
Over time, if the project succeeds, it can cover a larger area, "says MTDC MD Jagdish Patil.
Interestingly, the 1. 6 billion rupees project is to lay cables on the sea floor between Nawa and the island to provide a circular shape. -the-
The clock power supply is still refrigerated three years after it was put forward.
The project is funded by MMRDA and executed by MSEDCL, a national distribution company.
According to sources, several years ago, the tenderer of the project proposed to appoint a developer, but the developer did not receive a separate tender, since then, the project files have not been transferred to the further bidding process.
Because Elephanta has no power supply(Gharapuri)
In the evening, MTDC provided power to generators, but they did not provide relief to villagers.
In addition, MTDC also provides a-
Digestor Technology Developed by National Defense Research and Development Organization(DRDO)
For island toilets, human and other wastes can be converted to biogas and water by microbial action and heating.
The gas can then be used for cooking, while water can be used for other uses than drinking.
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