magical! people are loving asda’s solar-powered unicorn garden lights - quality solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-25
magical! people are loving asda’s solar-powered unicorn garden lights  -  quality solar garden lights
There is no sign of a slowdown in the unicorn trend in 2019.
So far this year, there have been Unicorn gin, Unicorn ice cream and even Unicorn swimming pools.
Now Asda is bringing this heat trend into the night with a new generation of solar energy. -
Electric Unicorn lamp designed for garden.
To make things more exciting, light not only changes color, but also flickers in the dark.
Four George family choices from Asda will cost 10 per pack with an AAA rechargeable battery.
The light is 36.
Five centimeters high, with a small solar panel at the top and a sharp tip at the bottom, which means they can be placed anywhere on soft soil.
The lights are always good. -
Yes, a comment on the ASDA website said, "My little girls bought these in the garden a few weeks ago, and they like them very much.
"The commentator gave these lights five-fifths of the stars and said they were worth their money and of good quality. "
The money mentions the lamp. -
Save Facebook Group, Extreme Coupons and UK Special Prices, where they got very positive comments.
The original post received nearly 2,500 favorites and 2,600 comments.
One commentator, worried about shipping them, was ultimately very satisfied with the lights. "I bought them for 10 pounds and put them in the garden for weeks," he said. . change colours. Look stunning. . . .
The roof of the cart keeps falling off and it's a little thin to carry.
But once in the pot. . . looks stunning.
Another user agreed and commented, "I bought them yesterday. They looked beautiful in the garden last night. "
However, they are not the only unicorns on the market.
In fact, they are not even the only unicorns from Asda.
The supermarket chain also sells unicorns and rainbow lights for 7 pounds. You can buy 15 lights, or just unicorns. -
Six pounds of special-shaped chord lamps.
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