london: 40 fascinating facts - solar traffic light system

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london: 40 fascinating facts  -  solar traffic light system
According to a survey, most people don't know what Big Ben is, and Nick Curtis has raised another 40 facts in London to challenge the smartest taxi drivers. . . 1.
The world's first traffic light was set up outside the House of Commons in 1868.
The second year of the explosion injured the police in operation. 2.
Westminster Abbey Elizabethan poet Edmund Spencer's mausoleum is said to have unpublished works by his contemporaries --
Including Shakespeare.
In memory of his genius, he threw the manuscript into the grave. 3.
The law requires the car to drive on the right-
The side of the Savoy Court --
This was originally enacted by Parliament in 1902, so that the audience could enter the Savoy theater directly from the car. 4.
One of them is the postal address of London, the Apsley building, the former residence of the Duke of Wellington at Hyde Park Point. 5.
Arsenal are the only football club with a subway station of the same name, although London's Arsenal are based in Woolwich. 6.
St. Thomas Hospital used to have seven buildings and one every day of the week, so staff members are said to know on which day the patient was admitted to hospital.
There are only two buildings left. 7.
The sign on the Albert Bridge ordered the troops to break the steps as they crossed the steps to avoid damaging the structure with resonance vibration. 8.
On 1842, before the 17-foot Nelson statue was erected on the pillars of Trafalgar Square, 14 members of the Commemorative Committee commissioned the work held a dinner at ruler. high plinth. 9.
The exact center of London is a plaque at St. Martin's Church --in-the-
Overlooking the fields of Trafalgar Square. 10.
The Brixton market is the first electrified market in the country, so it is located on the electric drive. 11.
Dr. Samuel Johnson once owned 17 properties in London, only one of which survived --
In 1822, Dr. Johnson donated a piece of the Great Wall of China to the museum at the Gough Square memorial. 12.
Fleet River-
One of the capital's many buried waterways
Still running under the cellar of Fleet Street Cheshire cheese bar. 13.
East London is the city's most popular movie venue with hosts from Oliver to everything!
An orange and all-metal jacket.
Greenwich's Navy building represents Washington for the Patriot Games. 14.
The London fire monument was also used by Robert Hook as a fixed telescope to study the movement of a star, which he designed with Sir Christopher Wren. 15.
Only six people were killed in the London fire, but before building a safe railway, seven people were killed by falling or jumping from the monument. 16.
The postman Park behind Bart Hospital is one of London's biggest hidden attractions.
It is full of remembrance of "ordinary people" who make heroic actions. 17.
The layered design of the Fleet Street St. Bride's Church is considered to be an inspiration for the layered wedding cake. 18.
Nursery rhyme pop song "weasel" refers to the act of pawning a suit after spending all the cash in Clerkenwell's bar. 19.
The Paris jazz circular church in Leicester Square, near Leicester Square, has a cross mural, including a self-portrait painted by French artist Jean coketo in 1960. 20.
The Piccadilly Circus statue, known as Eros, is actually intended to portray the Christian charity Angel and is part of the seventh Earl's monument in Savannah.
Its gesture, aimed at the arrows on the Avenue of schafdsbury, is considered a rough visual pun. 21.
Bars in Smithfield, such as Fox and Anchor, bars in Boro, such as market porters, are licensed to serve alcoholic drinks at breakfast starting at seven o'clock A. M, to adapt to the working hours of market porters. 22.
The only real home shared by the four Beatles was an apartment located at 57 Green Street near Hyde Park, where they stayed in the fall of 1963. 23.
Elizabeth period famous actor Richard berbeich wrote a simple "berbetch exit" on the tombstone of the cemetery of St. Leonard Shoreditch ".
Funeral records at the church also recorded the death of 24-year-old Thomas Cam 1588.
In 1811, London was the first city with a population of more than 1 million.
It was the world's largest city until it was replaced by Tokyo in 1957. 25.
On May 9, 1662, Samuel Pethers's diary recorded the first Punch and Judy show in the Covent Garden, which is believed to have had similar puppet shows every year since then. 26.
The only London theater not closed during the war was the Soho windmill, which then offered a variety show for mixed comedy shows and semi-comedy shows
Nude woman tableaux.
It's a table now. dancing club. 27.
The dome is the focus of the millennium celebration and the largest of its kind in the world --
Large enough to accommodate the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Statue of Liberty. 28.
The name of the Elephant and Castle comes from the artisan association, whose logo mentions the ivory handle of the knife made by the elephant. 29.
The reason why the king and queen of Pearly are called Kings and Queens is because they are dressed in clothes inlaid with countless pearl buttons, originally the "nobles" of costermonger or barrowboys, and they are30.
Mayfair was named after a trade fair held in the region before;
Piccadilly made a stiff collar after the 17th-century tailor who lived in the area;
Covent Garden was originally a market garden for Westminster Abbey. 31.
In 1926, John loggi Baird showed how TV works in the current Italian bar at Soho fridges Street. 32.
The smallest house in London is three. and-ahalf-
The foot is wide and is part of the teppen monastery in Hyde Park, where 20 nuns live. 33.
There are 1,000 rooms, 100 stairs, 11 courtyards, 8 bars and 6 restaurants in the parliament building.
None of them are open to the public.
Westminster Palace is located by the river, so it cannot be completely surrounded by mobs. 34.
Location of London's infamous public gallows Tyburn Tree
An estimated 50,000 people were hanged.
It is now the traffic island at the junction of Marble Arch and Edgware Road. 35.
The architects of Oxo Tower were banned from placing live ads in the building, but instead integrated the company's name on four windows. 36.
In London, it is illegal to have sex on a parked motorcycle, take a carpet in a public park or pretend to be a Chelsea pension --
The latter offence is still theoretically punishable by death. 37.
Marble Arch was the entrance to Buckingham Palace designed by John Nash in 1828, but was moved to Hyde Park as Queen Victoria expanded Buckingham Palace.
It has a small office that used to be used as a police station. 38.
Under Cleopatra's Needle, there's a 19th-century capsule.
68 feet of 3,450-year-
The old obelisk on the dam
Contains a set of British currency, railroad guides, Bibles and 12 portraits of "the most beautiful British lady. 39.
Pop band Pulp singer Jarvis Cork wrote a song called 59 Lyndhurst Grove after being kicked out of Peckham's party. 40.
Since 1751, only one of the 51 British prime ministers has been assassinated --
Spencer perseva was shot dead in the House of Commons on 1812.
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