lamborghini unveils super car designed for off-roading - high power solar led flood light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-08
lamborghini unveils super car designed for off-roading  -  high power solar led flood light
Lamborghini has announced Heracostrato, a concept that combines V10 Heracostrato with "closed" power. -
The Ulusi Super SUV created a super sports car, you can go down the old road.
On Tuesday, automaker Automobili Lamborghini launched the Hurac_n Sterrato Concept Car, a "super sports car for challenging environments".
To create this unconventional model, Lamborghini's R&D and design team basically integrated V10 Hurac_n Evo and Ullas Super SUV.
It is driven by the same 5. 2-
The lift engine generates the predecessor of a 640hp sports car and is controlled by the same technical brain. (the LDVI)
As V10 Hurac_n Evo--
Although it was recalibrated to be closed-road driving.
From the appearance, Strato seems to be a standard sports car, after some changes, it is more suitable for closure. -roading.
The ground clearance increased by 47 mm, and the tire was replaced by a larger tire group, with better roughness absorption and grip.
The body of the whole model is equipped with additional protective devices and aluminium alloy reinforcements to protect the car from rocks, dirt and almost anything else you want to drive or pass through.
Sterrato's picture released Tuesday is wearing an extra LED light suit, adding an LED light bar to the roof, in addition to the flooded LED bumper lights.
In the car, drivers and passengers are protected by an aluminium anti-roll rack, with four. -
Point seat belts and aluminium flooring.
In the 1970s, Lamborghini created two models, Jarama and Urraco, which are also models for companies. -
Performance and shutdown-
Road driving technology.
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