jayman built adds solar panels as standard feature to new homes - solar panel traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-23
jayman built adds solar panels as standard feature to new homes  -  solar panel traffic lights
The new home builder, German, built the Alberta Sunshine Bank to save money for new home buyers.
Recent announcements of all new Gemman singles-
Family homes will include solar panels as standard functions. They are the first large builders to use the annual sunshine of 333 days in Calgary and 325 days in Edmonton.
The move is expected to boost sales.
"The decision to make our house more sustainable is not only to add value to our customers, but also to show environmental leadership in our industry," said Jay Westman, chairman and CEO of Jayman Build.
"We have always been in the leading position in the field of new housing construction, and we are proud to be able to take the lead in the practice of sustainable development.
Once again, we raised our standards.
"Bryan Hahn, chief executive of Bild Calgary, said the association supports innovative initiatives by all members.
"Our members have always been one of the most competitive members of the business community, committed to building livable, resilient, affordable and energy. -
Efficient, World-
Class communities, "he said.
Dave Desomo, Single President-
"Family Home," says German, who has been looking for ways to make their families more efficient.
The new mortgage rules cost ordinary buyers about $100,000 in purchasing power.
You have electricity and taxes.
We want our house to work as cheaply as possible.
"He explained that, with Jayman's annual increase in all sustainable upgrades, including efficient stoves and instant hot water, their residential energy efficiency had been 16% higher by 2016 than the latest building codes required.
"In fact, solar energy is 20% better than the code.
This will force builders to continue to improve, "he said.
German has ventured into solar energy with their multifunctional batteries. -
Family Westman developed in Redwood Village, but started testing lists. -
Family housing in April 2018.
Builders decided on September 9 to continue using solar energy.
1. Contracting Alberta-
Starting in 2019, Skyfire Energy will be the official installer of panels for all new residential buildings in Calgary and Edmonton.
Simply put, the energy captured by solar panels is supplemented by the grid, and any excess solar energy can be supplied to the grid, which may lead to credit on the owner's electricity bill. The hail-
Soundproof panels on roofs need little maintenance, and homeowners don't need to monitor anything on the distribution boards.
Solar energy is fully automatic.
"You can use Skyfire applications, and if you're a technician, you want to know how much energy you generate, but in fact, it doesn't need to be done," DeSormeaux said.
He said the panels were retail valued at more than $5,000, but not as non-retail. -
Negotiable standard functions can save at least $200 a year in electricity costs.
It is much easier to install solar energy in a new house than to transform an existing one.
Desormeaux said: "You have to go into the foundation, into the electric box, through the attic, through the roof, and then you have to worry that the roof is new and you don't put the panels on the old roof. "
"When you build a new home, it's not that complicated.
"Solar energy is now part of Jayman's core performance package, including Navien-
Brand water heater without water tank, high efficiency furnace, heat recovery ventilation system for purifying air every three hours, LED lighting, triple-Pane window, R-
Insulation layer in 50 attic and R-
20 In basement and external foundation enclosure.
Desmoreaux sets the total cost of energy upgrades at $15,600, which is free for home buyers, and points out that these upgrades also increase resale value.
German estimates that 750 new homes in Alberta this year will include solar energy.
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