jaguar xj still embodies elegant power - stainless steel solar garden lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-07-27
jaguar xj still embodies elegant power  -  stainless steel solar garden lights
When I think of luxury cars, the first thing I think about is.
I can't help it. -I'm a fan.
XJ is the top-class model of the Jaguar sedan series. It's a large luxury car with many conveniences and clouds. -
Soft driving experience and plenty of relaxed power.
The Jaguar is powerful even when it's sitting. -
Streamlined and elegant, but bold and dramatic.
XJ reflects the soul of the sports car in the spacious four seats-door sedan.
In 2013, Jaguar made a major concession to those of us who care about fuel economy: there is now a supercharged 3. 0-liter V-
XJ has six engines. This is the model I tested. The 3.
0 is a new entry-
XJ level version, starting at $73,200(
Add $875 for freight)for the rear-drive model (my tester)
A total of $76700-wheel drive.
It replaced last year's entry-level model, the latter being 5. 0-
Atmospheric inspiration V-
The basic price of the engine is $73,700.
The car is still beautiful and the Jaguar is obvious.
It has 340 horsepower, and the lowest is 385 horsepower. -priced V-
Eight, the 2013 XJ portfolio is $81,200.
Jaguar says it can range from 0 to 60 miles an hour at 6.
One second, not five seconds.
Four seconds behind the portfolio-drive V-
8. No pressurization. An all-wheel-
However, the driver version of the portfolio model comes with V-
Only six engines, the same zero position-
Later 60 times-drive 3. 0 model. EPA fuel-
Economic Estimation of V-
Speed automatic transmission, City 18 miles/gallon, highway 28 miles/gallon-
Wheel drive, 15/23 mpg higher than the previous year's v-8. The all-
The wheel drive in 2013 is also completely new, provided only in the XJ and XJL combination, and the mileage estimate is reduced to 16 cities/25 highways. Even V-
6. My XJ has enough motivation in the time and place I need, averaging 24 years old.
In my test, 5 miles per gallon, according to-board computer.
Jaguar has replaced six-
Speed Automation and New 8-
Full-speed automation increased engine shutdown in 2013-
Start the system for each model.
These changes are designed to improve fuel economy without affecting Jaguar's easy performance.
XJ is not a hybrid car. You usually find parking places here. -
Start-up technology.
It is used for temporary parking of vehicles, shutting down the engine under traffic lights or in traffic congestion, and automatically restarting the engine when the driver's foot leaves the brake pedal.
It's the first time, a little surprising, but I like the idea of not using fuel in a hurry. -
Hourly traffic or queuing in lanes-thru.
XJ series standard equipment includes automatic dual-function HID xenon headlamp, which provides strong lighting when the light falls.
The headlamp set is also attractive, with a bright light. -
White LED Jaguar sign lamp on the base.
Beautiful headlights are also equipped with electric washers that are level with the body.
My XJ comes with a $850 visual suite with an adaptive headlamp.
Its sensors respond to the speed and steering of the car, pointing the headlights at all corners when the car turns.
Additional LED corner lights illuminate the road next to the vehicle in a straight line.
Intelligent high-light switch between high-light and low-light to adapt to oncoming vehicles or previous vehicles.
Taillights are eyes, too. -
Grasp the rear fender and sweep down the rear fender to the rear bumper.
Some of the 57 light-emitting diodes are mounted on three bands similar to cat's paw prints. -
Jaguar, of course.
The power vent on the chrome-plated side has a carved chrome-plated Jaguar badge, which adds a little luster to the front fender according to the decorative level.
Classical Knitting-
Chromium-plated grilles and 19-inch, 10-
Spoke wheel-
Seasonal tires are delicate and elegant.
Wider wheels are mounted at the rear to optimize grip and enhance motion posture.
Of course, XJ is very comfortable and soft. -
There are at least 12 grain leather seats heated back and forth. -
Mode power adjustment.
Depending on the model, 18-way or 20-
It can also adjust the way, as well as active ventilation before and after. Front-
Seat adjustments include cushion tilt and four-
Guide rail waist support.
A $1,400 front seat comfort package adds massage to the front seat.
I like to go for a ride in XJ just to experience the heat and massage. -
It's good in cold weather.
There are 41 passengers in the front row.
Five inches of legs and 39 passengers in the back row. 9 inches. Dual-
Regional automatic climate control and automatic air recycling, air particle and odor filtering, humidity control and automatic window fog removal make the cab more comfortable.
Front and rear feet-
Good lamp adds environment and convenience, front and rear foot sole lamp is a special touch, and a storage tray and cup holder before illumination is convenient and special.
In addition, the $1,700 lighting package also brings light blue highlights to front and rear air outlets, stainless steel front and rear pedals and trunks. -latch finisher.
Although this is a very special touch, I have a problem with the side glass and the rear view mirror reflecting the lighting vents unless they are slightly downward.
The XJ has a panoramic roof extending from the windshield to the front of the rear seat.
Glass is dark and reflective, which protects passengers from the heat of the sun. Each part is equipped with a strong sunshade to provide additional privacy.
Side windows are matting and sound insulation laminated glass.
Other features, such as rain-
Induction windshield wiper, heating/electric vehicle external rearview mirror, heated rear window with timer, three-
Flash Lane Change Indicator, Power Supply-
Open/close the cover of the suitcase(
Use smart keys, in-car buttons, or buttons on the hood of an outdoor suitcase.
Garage door/door opener, automatic-
The dimming rearview mirror and Jaguar Sense glove box make the operation of XJ easy and pleasant.
I especially like electric luggage cover and rainy days. -sensing wipers.
Intelligent key system allows keyless entry and delivery-
The button is activated, which is very convenient in cold or wet weather. At start-
Up, XJ's virtual instruments began to appear. The 12. 3-
An inch LCD instrument looks like a high analog instrument. -Contrast, sharpness-
Resolution graphics and providing important information are fast and easy.
Jaguar includes an analog clock with rotation-
Metal surface and bright blue background, as well as carpet with Jaguar logo.
My XJ has lustrous black walnut decorations on the upper dashboard, door panels and console.
XJ Equipments Standard 380-
Wameridian audio system, with single-slot CD/DVD player, satellite radio, HD radio, two auxiliary inputs, and a hard disk drive, can store up to 10 uncompressed CDs, one USB port, and eight-
Inch color touch screen, voice activation, Bluetooth stream and iTech integrated components.
Jaguar has worked hard to improve its navigation system.
There are fewer steps to program the destination, and some operations have been moved to the display edge for better visibility.
On the heating steering wheel, audio system, cruise control system and interactive voice system can also be controlled. These systems have many functions, including direction input, telephone call and radio tuning.
The XJ has 13 eye-catching colours, including British Green and Italian Red, which add $1,500 to each model.
My tester is caviar metal paint with ivory and oysters inside.
My XJ 3 total label.
0 is $78,025, including freight and options.
That's quite reasonable. Considering $155,000, you can get four top XJL ultimate luxury seats, including a double-back iPad and dock, an electric passenger table, a champagne flute and a place to cool your favorite drink.
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