i like to watch - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-12
i like to watch  -  solar traffic light system
It is difficult to explain everything.
That's why Carl Sagan is always walking around the Spanish village wearing old clothes or making solar systems out of fruit.
He's trying to give us the inside story about electrons, nuclear physics, and black holes, if you can't use complex, head-
Rotate the formula and then you have to hang some oranges and apples from the ceiling and break things with a baseball bat.
But you know, when Sagan says "billions, trillions, billions," I think his passion goes beyond the hope that we understand the vastness of the universe and the relative importance of humanity.
Deep down, I think, Sagan is trying to incite a premature survival crisis for American children, just to find Dr. Sagan.
Seuss's "Horton heard who" left (
The one in the world in a grain of dust).
Our parents, their friends, talked to the teachers at the school about a wonderful show, but none of them knew if there was a god, Santa or anything else.
After that unforgettable story, we realized that no matter what song we sing together in the church (
Doubt, how important it is to repeat our faith often! )
The whole world may just be a tiny dust particle on the trunk of the elephant.
The Elegant Universe ](
Play repeatedly on PBS)
Nova's exploration of the scientist's "theory of all things" brings back the old feeling of pulling out the empirical carpet from under you.
They manage this in the same way as Sagan, with flying fruit and 3-D computer-
The solar system and animated pictures of Isaac Newton blushing.
After watching these three hours of footage, you may feel a little smarter, but I'm just more confused about whether the moon is really made of cheese or the particle waves of cheese. Ah, science.
Good old science!
How much I miss you.
I must admit that after watching Nyanza and Maureen scrap and whine for a whole month, I even forgot about your existence.
Of course, the house was burned, just looking out the window in Los Angeles. A.
Nowadays, science is always there, whether it's a convenient time to visit, which provides a quick visual reminder.
The reckless bastard made the king of science using heat, oxygen and a lot of dry fuel.
Bonfire size in Southern California, you can see from space!
Science, come on!
But if you're lucky enough to live next to this huge bonfire, you can see that science is working as you walk outside.
On Tuesday, the sky was covered by a cloud of smoke, which looked like the sun setting at noon.
Still, most of the time, L. A.
Residents have a disturbing ability to ignore all the decorations of life in a sprawling dystopian, from calling smog "fog" to describing the impact of catastrophic events on 101 of traffic, Tuesday, everyone was bugged by the horrible, one-day magical moments.
There was so much smoke in our eyes that we were mistakenly thought our hearts were on fire.
My heart must have caught fire when I was caught up in an alarmist whirlpool of local news reports for almost two hours.
Obviously watching the apocalypse on TV will take you a lot of time and you should probably take the time to do something else.
For example, write this column.
During this time, you will find yourself experiencing many different emotional states.
First of all, of course, people are very shocked at how bad local news reports are in the South!
"Not only are the newscaster vivacious and inanimate, but they are also the only ones who are alive, except maybe a used car salesman who has always called the area" south "!
"When you stop staring at the news mutant barking because they are screening the Ashes that used to be the family, you get sick of the hardships of these families, not to mention the other 1,800, their house has been razed to the ground by fire so far.
Once you recover from this temporarily weak and extremely inconvenient state of empathy, you may be in the burning hills and 30-mile-per-
Winds and closures for an hourdown freeways.
It turns out that watching a fire on TV is like watching a fire in your own fireplace ---
When you stare, minutes, hours and days may rise in the smoke and slack off-
Dance in the orange flame.
My own long-term hypnosis was interrupted by the ringing of the phone--
My editor called to see how the column developed.
"Column" I think.
Luckily, I felt that the fear of the end of the world had not yet spread to Manhattan, so I did not say that.
Instead, I report that my column is progressing well, but it may be a little later.
I may be dizzy, but I'm not an idiot.
Thanks, gray stuff!
Science saved the day again!
My baby!
Speaking of idiots, boneheaded Drakes on Survivor this week are almost more than sweetsweet.
Because, you know, he's a good person, a natural leader, and he catches these delicious fish every day.
Hippie wrong stockings (Jon)
And weak McWasherson (Trish)
Behind the evil plot, it's a little pathetic because they can easily give the big mouth Sean boots without offending the soul.
When will the new generation of fighting-minded survivors know that it's never a good idea to take down your strongest members, not only will it be bad to starve to death,, the producers of the show have always been unforgiving of those who are too big.
Remember Super-
Crappy "Survivor: Marquesas" who voted for good people and capable people
Body Health Leader Hunter, just sitting on the beach complaining about the rest of the time being hungry, or the first season, what happens when they get rid of Greg, this exciting strange genius, having Colleen scratch her bug bites and rolling eyes puppet masters on "survivors" alone needs to find a way to make sure that the best players are not eliminated because they are seen as threats, because no one likes boring mediocre people like Jenna, Vicepia or Tina to win the game, not Colby or Rob C.
Still, I'm a little hoping that the Drakes don't open the hippie-wrong stockings just because my hatred of him has grown into a true beauty.
Let's take a science lesson for those who don't live in the "south" to summarize this!
"Will we hit the Earth at different places at different times because of the sun? We have the so-called time zone ".
"In the Pacific time zone!
That means we're three hours late than those who live on the East Coast, so when it's, oh, say, 10 P. m.
Only seven pence for you. m.
For those of us who are in the "land of the South!
"So, for example, if you're going to send someone to the" south "! " an e-
Send it around 10m.
, Maybe just say hello, or express your relief, because Sweetums was not voted down by his teammates on survivor that night, and then someone in the South
"Will get your emailmail at 7 p. m.
, If someone happens to work late, squeeze out a few more hours of work before "Survivor" shows up at 8: 00 p. M. m.
And happened to check their emailmail at 7 p. m.
Someone may just want to kick your teeth.
You don't know Jack!
Apparently, his teeth have been kicked by life since we last saw Jack Bauer.
Premiere of "24 (Fox)
Starting with the bio-explosion on Tuesday night, an infected body popped up, leaving Jack and the company back in very bad pain on another day.
It seems that since the last time we saw them, Jack had a relationship with Kate and then dumped her, Michelle and Tony got married, but in 10 minutes everyone was bored
Within a mile radius, Kim changed from ignorant Spice Girls and helpless victims to every madman in the "south! " to genius-
Level anti-terrorism group
On top of that, President Palmer is alive, but he still needs treatment to fight his addiction to change --
Eyes, sneaking her
The Devil and Jack need to stay at the Betty Ford Clinic for a month or so to change the habit of taking drugs he developed while he was working with some mobs in Mexico (
See also: a piece of land south of "South Country!
Drug dealers sleep on beautiful stallion and beautiful baby that looks like Penelope Cruz).
It's always a little difficult to get back to "24.
"Is it OK for invisible biological agents, no matter how sexy they look
Grade cocaine, always feels as urgent and important as a nuclear bomb, and Kim Jong Il will become equally cunning and soft
The porn issue with the anti-terrorism group is like her convenience stores and nuclear bomb shelters around "south!
"Michelle and Tony were going to be killed soon last season, which got us out of their napping --
Will President Palmer trust another white man again, and if he does, that white man is his cunning woman --
Doctor, will this prove to be a huge mistake and continue to focus on more "24" news here next week than you think.
The same lane, the same lane. Your above-
Even if you 've never seen another episode, you should consider looking at the ending of the "Joe Schmo Show" on Spike TV (
Should replay it a few more times--
View your local listings).
You will remember that Matt Kennedy Gould has been on a reality show called "the luxury circle" for a few weeks and he didn't realize it was fake.
Well, it can be said that unlike most reality TV finals, this one won't let you down.
Shortly after the evil asshole Hatcher won the $100,000 prize, Matt clapped with a smile to try to be kind about it, and smarmy host Ralph told Matt that the whole show was fake, in fact, all his contestants are paid actors.
Unlike the moments on those "candid cameras" or "punk" where people just smile and say nothing and then the camera is cut off, matt's reaction made you feel cheated, which could be a satisfying drama.
He was so shocked, confused and overwhelmed that he could barely speak, so he just cried and screamed, and then, of course, he won the money and all the prizes and let me admit it now, the whole thing made me cry openly, more than I usually do when it's really important, something really moving like a cotton ad.
But even though it was moving to see Matt win the money and affection of the show's cast and crew, to see him turn to his friend and companion Brian, screaming incredibly, "Are you an actor, answer me!
"Even though he reported the whole thing in his last interview was a great experience, he still said he was angry and disappointed with Brian.
See what happens when you take a normal, morally sound person and throw him into the boiling abyss of the cunning and deception of the "south!
"It's like watching Adam and Eve cover their abs with flower-free leaves, or seeing Pandora open that box full of jealousy, greed, despair and fangs, really fake --Looking Tans.
Even if we spoil good and innocent people and watch our big house burn down, we will still continue to run red lights at 50 miles an hour and use yoga to treat our serious anti-social tendencies.
On the other hand, we invented "OC ".
"It almost makes up for all the other crap, you don't think -------------
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