hygge: this winter’s hottest trend has its heart in the home - large solar garden lights

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hygge: this winter’s hottest trend has its heart in the home  -  large solar garden lights
The term online search has nearly 10 million search results.
This winter's shelter magazine, decoration retailers and lifestyle experts are promoting it. What’s so huge? It’s hygge.
Often misreading "higgy" is actually more like "hewgah".
To understand the meaning of the word, just drill holes in a bunch of comfortable phrases synonymous with "good". -being.
"Comfort, relaxation, joy, especially the warm light.
Meck Viking wrote in The Higg Book: The Happy Lifestyle of Danes. (Penguin 2016)
Hygge comes from Norwegian.
Danes use the word to some extent, but it is common throughout Scandinavia and Britain.
In Higher's most authentic expression, the warm light should come from the candle.
"Without candles, any Hagrid recipe is incomplete.
When Danes were asked what they liked most about associating with Higg, 85% mentioned candles, "said Wikipedia, who is also the head of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen. -
Research tank of social satisfaction.
He said, Forget the candles.
If you don't have candles, use low candles. -
Wikipedia suggests watt lamps.
The dazzling, bright lights are a curse on the atmosphere of Higher.
There are other decorative elements to take Hagrid home.
Kayleigh Tanner, author of Brighton, UK, said: "A warm, neutral palette is the best one. " He hosted a blog called Hello Hygge.
Think beige, grey, red, brown, warm white, orange and copper.
Texture is also important to Hagrid, she said. "So I like very tactile fabrics, such as velvet, thick knitwear, silk and synthetic fur.
They can be mixed and matched to help build a comfortable home.
"For perfume, I think familiar, household odor is very effective.
Comfort, Food-
Based on the aroma of spices, vanilla or cocoa.
"In warm months, even outdoor space can be a stone. -
Tanner said it's worth mentioning that he had good memories of watching sunsets with friends on childhood nights.
"Lighting can completely change the garden, so think about solar lights and outdoor lanterns," she said.
"They can walk down the path through the garden, take a magical trip, or gather in the area where you're going to have fun to maintain an attractive and comfortable light.
She suggests collecting simple bouquets and displaying collections of pebbles or shells.
Higher's attraction is closely linked to the natural world.
"In my opinion, Siege is about the environment, intimacy and the right environment," said Kirsten McLean, a Dane living in Siege. -
Rich rural seaside town in Western Nova Scotia.
She found that spending a day reading with a cup of tea and a cat was like digging gold. -
Induce in a friendly way-together.
Sometimes there are candles, sometimes there are no candles.
Bit LiHolt Arete, who lives in Sydney, Australia, grew up outside Copenhagen.
"When I was a child, I remember visiting my grandparents, who lived in a thatch-roofed house.
Because of the danger of fire, we will wake up in the storm, in the storm, we will wear pajamas, sit in the kitchen, drinking coffee and candles.
"By being together, it's going to be clear," she said. In a conflict-
In this fragmented world, the idea of welcoming shelters seems particularly attractive.
In his book, Wikipedia recalls the end of a day of hiking with friends.
"We are all tired.
Half asleep and half awake, sitting by the fireplace of the cabin, dressed in big clothes(sweaters)and socks.
The only voice.
Has the stew boiled yet?
Sparks in the fireplace
Then one of my friends broke the silence.
"Will this be more Nuggets? "”’ he asked.
"Yes," said one of the girls after a while.
"If there's a storm outside. "We all nodded.
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