huawei teams up with automakers to launch self-driving cars – report - solar traffic lights manufacturers

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-23
huawei teams up with automakers to launch self-driving cars – report  -  solar traffic lights manufacturers
The Chinese technology giant is under tremendous pressure from the United States, which has banned American companies from supplying parts or technology to Huawei, as trade disputes between the United States and Beijing are heating up.
At the same time, Huawei is clearly seeking to surpass the telecommunications industry.
Dang Wenshuan, the company's chief strategic architect, said it planned to provide artificial intelligence technology for joint projects between manufacturers such as Audi and Guangzhou Automobile Toyota. (
China Automobile Manufacturer Guangzhou Automobile Group and Toyota Automobile Company's Joint Venture. China-
Beijing-based New Energy Vehicles and Chang'an Automobile are also working with the company.
"As far as I know, we are working together to use these devices to produce a car in 2021 or 2022. [
"Components," Dang quoted in the Financial Times. The self-
He added that with the "faster" development of Chinese automobile manufacturers in this area, driving cars are expected to be introduced in China, but they will also be listed in Europe.
Huawei headquarters showed the prototype of the autonomous car to the Financial Times.
The demonstration featured an Audi car driving on the streets of Shanghai.
People behind the steering wheel did not touch any control devices, and the car stopped at the traffic lights to avoid pedestrians.
Given that the world's leading technology companies and Chinese technology companies are working on similar projects, the project already has competitors in the self-driving market.
For example, Alibaba recently joined competitors Baidu and Tencent in an effort to build itself. -
Driving cars, it is reported that road tests have been carried out.
At the same time, Google has launched its own products. -
Waymo and Tesla, the start-ups that drive taxis, want to build an autonomous "robotic" network.
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