howling at the moon, and at scientific myths - solar led traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-24
howling at the moon, and at scientific myths  -  solar led traffic lights
This weekend's full moon will bring an eclipse to North America, which may convince some that the delivery room will become busier.
A new report shows they won't. -
Baby boom is just one of the myths around the moon.
When the moon passes through the earth's shadow and becomes blood red in the process, the eclipse will be visible throughout North America.
When did you see the eclipse tonight and how to take good pictures of it? This effect is due to the alignment of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun, and to the recent total solar eclipse in the North Atlantic.
No special equipment is needed to watch the eclipse.
In fact, naked eye capture is the best way.
The full moon is often regarded as the chief culprit of human activities.
A person who behaves weirdly may be called a madman. (
From luna, Latin for the moon. ;
The wolf seemed to howl beside it.
Some people apparently become wolves or vampires in the moonlight.
However, this myth still exists among well-educated people.
The authors of the new study say that this is a form of "confirmation bias" in which the way we interpret information confirms our beliefs and ignores contradictory information.
Although this is contrary to scientific evidence, it preserves myths.
It's also dangerous.
Most of us have some form of validation bias.
For example, I am fascinated by traffic lights.
I never buy green, no matter how fast I drive.
Of course, when I track traffic lights on a short trip across the city, the result is about 50. -
50, slightly red deviation.
But my sample size is relatively small.
In other words, if I track light for a month, the deviation is likely to disappear.
But I haven't done this experiment yet. That's the key.
We don't bother to do research.
In addition, when we believe something is true, we don't want to give up that belief, especially when many other people believe it too.
For the myth of infant birth, the moon's gravity does cause tides, with little impact on the human body.
Gravity depends on the mass and distance of two objects.
Our oceans are so huge that they can feel the pull of the tides, but the human body does not.
The moon is also far away.
So, in fact, the gravity of the hospital building exerts a greater pull on pregnant women than on the moon.
In addition, the moon's tidal pull is not only strongest at the full moon. -
When the Earth, Moon and Sun align-
But during the crescent moon, when the moon and the sun are on the same side, it becomes stronger.
But there were no statistics showing that more babies were born at that time.
The danger of identifying deviations is that incorrect beliefs lead to harmful effects.
A recent outbreak of measles in the United States. S.
It is believed to be based on a misconception that vaccination is harmful.
Belief in the so-called health or sexual benefits of rhino horns is driving these animals to extinction.
The science of evolutionary biology is threatened by the belief that the Earth is only 6,000 years old, and Darwin's view of the evolution of life is wrong.
Another view is that human activity has not warmed the atmosphere, which hinders our efforts to clean up the greenhouse gas emissions bill.
Myths and legends are an important part of culture and a rich and colorful way of moral education.
But when direct scientific evidence proves the opposite, we must choose between what we believe and what the evidence tells us is the truth.
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