how to repair a solar powered led garden light - all in one solar led street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-05
how to repair a solar powered led garden light  -  all in one solar led street light
This is a guide to how to repair your light, and if you've had it for years, outdoor stress has caused it to stop working.
To be honest, why can't cheap things last more than five minutes?
First, you need to take apart your lights.
Usually most lights are screwed together.
Look down and take out everything you find.
Glass or plastic lampshades sometimes twist, so try it.
After opening, remove any large removable parts and write down how they were assembled so that you can put them back.
If it can be recharged, the battery should also be removed.
If they are physically connected/welded, keep them as they are.
If the battery in the lamp is stuck in it, skip this step to step 3.
Put the rechargeable battery in the charger for a period of time.
If your lamp is not working for a while, it will take a long time for the solar panels to restore the battery's power.
This will only give the battery a boost. -
At first, the solar panels can be filled up in the daytime.
In order to improve the brightness of the lamp, you must clean the lamp housing.
Just clean the saw. -
Cover the casing with hot water and detergent and wipe it around.
Clear up all errors, too!
Next, check whether the circuit is damaged.
You should be able to figure out what prevents the circuit from working.
A good sign is rust or broken wire.
If possible, just try to replace the parts.
If you don't have spare wires or soldering iron, just use wire pliers to strip the wires and twist them back together.
If the switch breaks down, you can cut it off and twist the wires together.
If the LED is not very bright, if you know how to do it, you can consider taking it out and replacing it with a new similar LED of your choice.
Put all your cleaned and repaired parts back together with some rechargeable batteries. (
If you want to prevent bugs from entering, you can try to fill in the blanks with something. .
Then put your finger on the light-dependent resistance. (
Usually next to solar panels)and turn it on.
Does the LED light up? Hooray! :)
Congratulations on repairing the old lamp.
Now put it back in your garden and enjoy its glory.
If it doesn't work, you'd better go back to the first step. . . :(
Watch this space and learn more about Rodsey's tutorials.
You want to succeed with me!
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