how do i handle this? neighborhood kids... - solar panel street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-03
how do i handle this? neighborhood kids...  -  solar panel street light
Sorry, it's too long. . . My ODS (6 1/2yo)
Several friends live next door.
After a relationship, their mother recently moved home.
Anyway, these children look lovely. I like my son to have a friend, so he won't be lonely.
He has ADHD and speaks loudly, a little like a child of his age. (I think).
He was not invited to any school or nursery children's birthday party.
The children in the neighborhood are a bit messy and destructive.
They grabbed a pile of large smooth stones from the border around our yard and tried to break them into small pieces in the street.
In addition, they smashed a solar lamp in our yard and something that irrigated the earth.
But the accident happened.
I know that sometimes I break things by accident, so I try not to make too harsh judgments.
Another thing I don't like is that I told them not to climb to the top of our shed before.
However, a few days later, I saw them do it again.
It seems that they don't care what I say.
The other day, when I was driving into the driveway, the little girl(
I call her C. She may be 8yo.
Ask me if she can do housework in my house and ask for money.
I told her I had to think about it.
My children and neighbor's children were playing outside.
Later, the doorbell rang, little boy(
I call him E. He's about five or six years old.
Ask him if he can play his "beat box music" for me for $20.
I said, "I don't have that kind of cash. "
There is no line item in my door budget. -to-
Door rhythm box music, whatever it is).
Then the little boy said, "But ODS says you have seven dollars and twenty dollars in your treasure chest. " (
ODS knows I left some cash at home. It's just Christmas money. I don't think it's necessary to deposit in the bank. .
Anyway, I'm sure I told ODS not to talk about money or valuables with others, but obviously he needs to be reminded.
The children showed me ten dollar bills. They said it was a teenage girl who gave them money for their music. (
This girl lives in the same blind alley as us. . Then the boy (E)
With ODS gloves on his hands, he said, "ODS gave me these.
He later said that all his friends were talking about how much money they wanted.
I talked to their mother for a while and she said she wasn't in the workshop.
Maybe her children listened to her mother's talk about money. Maybe it made them feel anxious?
Anyway, fast forward to yesterday.
ODS is in our bedroom, and his friends are in his room.
I don't think things are going well.
I told him he needed to go back to his room and be with them.
Soon after, they left.
I asked ODS what he said that might hurt their feelings.
He said they wanted his crystal. (
Some crystals dh(dear husband)
Buying ODS at a rock store.
ODS told them No. (
They've asked ODS all kinds of things before, and we've told ODS that he shouldn't send his stuff out without asking us beforehand. .
Obviously, when they left, (both C & E)
Said: "We will never come back again! ! ".
I think it's just a silly play. It's only going to explode.
Then, this morning, I noticed a pile of things in ODS socks and underwear drawers that smelled interesting and damp.
I really think someone peed in his underwear drawer.
I have no reason to believe it's YDS. (3. 5 yo)
Because he was too short to urinate in the top drawer, and he had never done anything like that.
Now, E keeps ringing the doorbell as if nothing had happened.
My intuition is that I won't think about that on my own.
But maybe my sister told him it was a funny joke and everyone would laugh?
So he doesn't understand what hatefulness means. -
What is he doing that is spiritual and destructive?
I have only doubts and no evidence.
But I don't want these destructive little guys in my yard or house.
I don't want my son to standardize this behavior.
If my mother came near me, would I tell her that I suspect her son was urinating in my son's underwear drawer?
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