helpful hardware; miniature solar panels for charging batteries - solar panel garden lights

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helpful hardware;   miniature solar panels for charging batteries  -  solar panel garden lights
By Daryln Brewer on July 18, 1985, this is a digital version of an article from the Times Printed Archives, before it was published online in 1996.
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Photovoltaic cells convert solar energy into electricity.
The technology is used in the telecommunications and aerospace industries, as well as in solar energy. -
Electric watches and calculators have been on the market for several years.
Now, Chronar, based in Princeton, New Jersey. J.
Two new types of micro solar panels, called amorphous silicon photovoltaic panels, have been introduced.
Each piece is a piece of glass coated with silicon and metal oxides.
When sunlight shines on the panel, it generates an electric current, and light is converted into electricity.
Model 330 is the smaller of the two panels, which can charge two AA nickel batteries. -
Cadmium batteries can be used in five to six hours or plugged into small appliances that use them. -
Calculators, radios, cameras, flashlights, tapes and batteries-powered toys -
Provide direct power supply.
However, batteries cannot be used to recharge carbon or alkaline batteries. (
If the panel is placed in the sun for a whole day, it will also run a device at night.
Includes adapters with multiple plugs. )
It's compact and light. The size of 330 is 43/4 inches x 51/2 inches x 11/8 inches.
Its maximum output is 0. 3 watts.
Herona 330 can be bought at Henry Bendell's Libeli store for $38.
TakeCharge, the largest solar battery charger manufactured by Chronar, will remain at 12. -
Volt batteries, such as those used in automobiles, ships and tractors, even if the vehicle does not start for a long time.
The 13-inch by 13-inch panel can be hung up in the window, inserted in the cigarette lighter, or placed on the top of a tractor or boat, and wires clipped to battery terminals.
According to the manufacturer, the panels work best in sunny conditions, but they can also be charged in cloudy days.
The Liebeli store in Bendell charges 75 dollars.
A version of this article was printed on July 18, 1985, on page C00002 of the National Edition, entitled: Useful Hardware;
Miniature solar panels that charge batteries.
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