haiti: in the kingdom of impunity - solar panel traffic lights

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haiti: in the kingdom of impunity  -  solar panel traffic lights
There are many high-profile attractions in Haiti today.
In the north of the country, more than 200 years ago, the slave uprising began, eventually overthrowing the rule of France.
A minute journey on a flat road crossing the distance between Cap-, the second largest city in the Dominican Republic and Haiti
Haitian, has replaced many of the pasthour ordeal. From Cap-
Haiti itself is a busy city with economic activity, traveling to the portau-
The capital prince of this country used to be a 10-
An hour odyssey, but now complete in about 5 hours by comfortable airA conditional bus
After travelers arrive at the portau-Prince itself --
A city, and its surrounding areas, was largely destroyed by the January 2010 earthquake. -
Surprisingly, it was found that the lights, solar panels, and apron troops-powered street lights, which function normally --
Dressed workers strive to clean sidewalks and ditches, a dirty territory of countless hostile political factions in Haiti in history.
In the south, in the colonial city of Jacmel, in the struggle of the South American revolutionary Simon swarwa to get rid of the Spanish shackles, sheltered him at a critical moment, one of the most delightful malecóns in the Caribbean has been built to face the tumbling sea and the steep mountains in the distance.
But there may be no scenes in the new Haiti. -
It has been led by President Michel Martelly since May 2011 and assisted by the current Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. -
The incident, which occurred on January 1 in the northern city of gonaif, was as notable.
There, at the annual ceremony in honor of Haiti's independence, President Martelly was called Sweet Mickey, perhaps the best --
Well-known supplier of konpa music winding in Haiti, except Jean-
From 1971 to 1986, Claude Duvalier ruled Haiti as a dictator and fled the country in the context of state plunder and serious human rights violations.
"Despite everything that has happened in the last 30 years, they seem to want us back to our pre-February 7, 1986 state," said la nnnec Hurbon, Haiti's richest man --
The famous sociologist refers to the date of Duvalier's departure.
Duvalier took over from his dictator.
Father Francois Duvalier, a mentally ill man who has been proud of the terrible Police country since 1957, has created the infamous Downton mcgott cowboy
Cronies dressed in paramilitary clothing
The young Duvalier was only 19 when he came to power, but he soon became the character.
In a speech on October 1977-
The 20 th anniversary of his father's presidency--the 24 year-old Jean-
Claude Duvalier announced in his speech that "let-
It is considered a trend of liberalization of duvalism, which will promote economic development. The near-
A few weeks later, a prominent government critic, Pastor Luc neere, was fatally beaten, giving interest to the limitations of liberalization.
Port, Fort Dimanche-au-
The Prince prison, during the Duval rule, became a dungeon where thousands of government opposition and other unfortunate souls died.
In a landmark ruling last month, a Haitian court ruled that Duvalier might be tried for crimes against humanity and abuse by security forces during his reign, but the decision was postponed whether he could be tried on corruption charges.
"Duvalier's decision is a small victory in the fight against impunity and corruption," said Pierre Esperance, director of the National Human Rights Commission. RNDDH)
The best in Haiti-
Well-known human rights organizations.
"But we still have a lot of work to do.
"RNDDH, together with several other organizations, is a member of the group Alliance collecatif contré l'impunité, which advocates legal action against Duvalier.
Duvalier is far from the only Haitian politician who could be tried in the future.
The former boy dictator, who became gray in his old age, returned to Haiti in a controversial vote in January 2011 when Martelly was elected.
He was then another former president. rival, Jean-
Bertrand aristed
In his office of the second transfer between 2001 and 2004 and before, aristed was accused of such bad conduct, armed and paramilitary youth groups as chimeres, he presided over the brutal collective retaliation of his security forces against the rebel city of gonaeuve, as well as Saint-
Mark killed at least 27 people in February 2004 by police, security personnel at the National Palace of Aristid, and coalition street gangs.
In the recent testimony of the Haitian court, Aristid was also accused of plotting the murder of Jean Dominique, the richest country in the country, in April 2000 --
Well-known reporter
Two separate bodies. -
Unified Financial Center (UCREF)
And the Executive Committee--
This examined the financial irregularities during aristed's presidency of Haiti and found that "the aristed government illegally injected at least $21 million into private companies into Haiti's meager public funds his charity
"Those who are in charge of checking the powers of the executive cannot look at it very confidently, and the legislative branch of the Haitian government is usually more prison-like than Parliament.
Two members of the lower house of the Parliament of Haiti, Rod rigz Sayor and n Zounaya Bellange Jean-Baptiste (
Who, as a member of parliament, enjoys immunity from prosecution)
Credible allegations of involvement in the murder of Haitian police officer Walky Calixte on April 2012, both remain free and apparently have no fear of trial or even arrest.
At the port where the police were killed. au-
The sad graffiti on Carrefour's Prince block still Says Adieu, Walky.
Another deputy, fierce Martelly critic Arnel Belizaire, was accused by the government of trying to get himself elected, even though he was a fugitive who escaped from prison a few years ago. (
It is undisputed that berrizal is vulnerable to physical violence in Parliament itself).
Calixte Valentin, one of President Martelly's chief advisers, was identified as responsible for the killing of a merchant in Fonds town named Sino Deris St.
On April 2012, Parisians near the border of the dominican Republic.
Valentine has never been tried for a crime and remains a free man until today.
In the context of such an discord
Foreign investment flows into the country as never before in terms of tourism initiatives and industrial parks, although the political environment in Haiti remains seriously dysfunctional --that long-
Delay legislative elections for both
A third member of the Senate, the House and the mayor and other local and municipal officials is scheduled to be held on October.
Not a few political parties.
But the election plan was signed.
"There are several parties who choose not to participate, but it is an open process," said Carl Alexander, deputy special representative of the Secretary.
The secretary-general of the United Nations peacekeeping mission in Haiti is known for his initials, MINUSTAH.
"We hope that those who did not participate initially will join as the process unfolds, because the choice is unthinkable.
If elections are not held this year, there will be no functioning parliament in January.
There will be no one there. "(
The United Nations Mission in Haiti also had its own problems and was not punished.
Cholera epidemic, allbut-
Of course, Nepalese peacekeepers have killed more than 8,000 people in the country, but the United Nations says it is not affected by any loss. )
All over the country, Martelly-
Lamothe government still seems to be popular and a moto taxi driver is in Port-au-
The Prince's dusty Forres route told me that "they work very well for Haiti," an emotion I often hear during my travels across the country.
Despite the fact that--
The crowd from gonaif shouted "Martelly 50 years!
"On huge billboards across the country, Martelly's image is printed (
In violation of Article 7 of Haiti's constitution, this article prohibits "biological portraits and names" in "currency, stamps, seals, public buildings, streets or works of art ")--
It does not seem that the government has completely abandoned Haiti's past real politics.
As they once did for Aristid, graffiti slogans around the portau-
Prince bellekip (beautiful team)of Martelly-Lamothe.
Indeed, Haiti's economy is developing. -even roaring --
But in the past, there was a need to establish a crime and punishment mechanism to punish Haiti's powerful country, a need that had been knocking on Haiti's door without sound, perhaps unwanted, but still exists.
In the marriage of impunity and economy, perhaps let the Echo
After all, claustrophism does not seem far away.
"We are talking about the impunity that has been present since Francois Duvalier came to power in 1957 and measures must be taken to prevent it," Sylvie Bajeux said . ", Director of the Center for Culture and Art (CEDH)
He is also one of the officials investigating Mr. arstid's alleged financial misconduct.
Like RNDDH, ceh is also a member of contré l'impunité.
"If we don't, we will have nowhere to go and we can't talk about rebuilding. ""Jean-
"Claude Duvalier's case has become a symbol of ending impunity," Bajeux said . ".
"He was accused of doing terrible things.
What will happen then?
Duvalier's case will affect the country's entire future in one way or another.
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