green companies will bring jobs to s.a. - solar powered led street lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
green companies will bring jobs to s.a.  -  solar powered led street lights
CPS Energy Chief Executive Officer and Mayor introduced five clean energy sources to the audience in a carefully designed way. -
Technology companies will bring hundreds of jobs and headquarters to San Antonio.
On Monday, Benabi and Castro introduced the CEO of the company that will work with CPS: Inc. on a dark stage.
Make software control the use of energy;
An LED lighting company;
Cold, production of electric refrigerated vehicles;
Construction of a "clean coal" plant outside Odessa is under way.
Sunedison is a supplier of 30 megawatts of solar energy for utilities.
CPS estimates that these companies will bring about 230 jobs to cities and towns in the next few years, many of them high-income people. -
Payment for engineering, software and management positions.
Bernaby predicts that the number will rise to 1,000 as companies expand and other opportunities emerge.
Most will also invest in research partnerships with the Joint Technical Assistance Board.
"By building a key group around research and development, this group will continue to grow and attract talent in the 21st century," Castro said. "San Antonio is as important to the new energy economy as Silicon Valley is to software and Boston is to biotechnology. "
Benibi confirmed that CPS would close its two oldest and dirtiest coal-fired units in Lake Calaveras by 2018, 15 years ahead of schedule, removing thousands of tons of dangerous air pollutants.
"With these agreements, we are making use of them. -
"Carbon and renewable energy resources have stimulated the economic and educational development of our community," Benibi told hundreds of people squeezed into the small auditorium.
"At the same time, we reduce power plant emissions by tens of thousands of tons every year. -
It's equivalent to getting a million cars off our roads.
After the announcement, a student String Quartet played in the corridor, while ColdCar USA gave away ice-cream bars free of charge from a refrigerated car.
The crowd includes members of San Antonio's business, environmental and academic communities, not to mention many locally elected officials, almost the entire city council and the U. S. government. S. Rep. .
Beneby said CPS will announce next month who won the contract to build an additional 50 megawatts of solar energy equipment.
The contract is expected to include solar manufacturing or assembly, bringing more jobs.
Standing under a simulated LED street lamp, the executive vice president of Greenstad described his partnership with the city, which will replace 25,000 street lamps and halve electricity demand while increasing brightness.
The project will start with 14,000 lights in the city centre.
Like Greenstar, Cold Car USA, owned by Paul Duran and located in Boerne, assembles refrigerated trucks and transits to electric or hybrid power. -
Electric engine.
CPS has agreed to build hundreds of charging stations.
The cold car will provide research data on vehicle charging.
Duran said the company's headquarters and assembly plants would be relocated to San Antonio by the end of the year.
Conset, headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina. C.
More than a dozen vacancies have been listed on its website. -
"They're all for San Antonio," the CEO said. -
Software has been created for customers to manage their energy use.
It also allows utilities to recycle the air of a family with the permission of customers. -
Temporarily shut down the air conditioning system to reduce peak demand and avoid excessive startup-
Cost natural gas plant.
"This is measurable, verifiable, and happens in real time," said the Vice President, who will move to San Antonio with other members of the leadership team.
"No other technology can do what we can.
"Environmentalists from all over the country praised CPS's commitment to retire its deep-coal generating units by 2018, despite urging utilities to do more to achieve green protection.
Loretta von Copano of Alamo said she hoped utilities would close these units by 2018.
They urged CPS to run them as little as possible before then.
CPS estimates that closure will result in an 85% reduction in sulfur dioxins, a 58% reduction in mercury, a 30% reduction in nitrous oxide and a 25% reduction in carbon dioxins from the average annual total CPS emissions, including Deely and two updated clean spruce coal plants.
According to a study by the Texas Environment Agency, Dillie emitted 3,657 tons of nitrogen oxides in 2009, a major precursor to smog.
The Organization ranks Calaveras 11th in the state's 20 mercury-polluted power plants.
To replace about 850 megawatts of power that Deely will lose when it shuts down, CPS will buy 200 megawatts of detergent. -
Coal power generation is provided by a power plant built by Peak Power Company outside Odessa.
The Summit will open a customer service centre in San Antonio and hold national meetings in the Joint Technical Services Bureau.
Additional investments will cost customers up to $2.
Beinaby said that starting in 2015, they will charge 25 cents more per month for fuel adjustment, but that cost will drop within 25 years, averaging about 80 cents per charge.
CPS will still ask the City Council to raise interest rates next year, but it may be half of the plan, Beneby said, because it will not include $550 million to add scrubbers to the Deely plant.
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