four in 10 brits’ gardens targeted by thieves stealing bikes, gnomes and furniture - smart solar street light

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-04
four in 10 brits’ gardens targeted by thieves stealing bikes, gnomes and furniture  -  smart solar street light
Four in ten homeowners stole from the garden. -
They include bicycles, flower pots and garden dwarfs.
Researchers surveyed 2,000 adults and found that on average three items were stolen from those who had been stolen.
Other properties lost from the country's front and back yards include gardening tools, solar lights and outdoor furniture. -
And the online orders left by the shipper.
The study commissioned by Centrica Hive also found that one in ten people felt unsafe at home.
About six in ten admit that they worry about their property when they are not at home.
The study followed a "request" from smart home technology providers in the form of protests outside London's City Hall. -
Garden dwarf.
Yesterday's demonstration demanded that homeowners do more to protect their homes and goblins.
Tom Guy, global product director of Centrica Hive, said: "Our research shows that quite a few people have experienced property theft or damage outside their homes, from bicycles to gardening tools to plants, everything is targeted.
"Sadly, even beloved dwarfs are threatened.
"With the advent of intelligent security, such as our outdoor honeycomb landscape, homeowners can now gain greater peace because they know they can easily protect their property and get alerts quickly if their home, or their dwarfs, gets any unnecessary attention.
The study also found that more than a third believed that the risk of burglary and damage to gardens had increased over the past decade.
Almost half thought it was more important than ever to protect lanes and gardens.
But despite concerns about housing safety, 62% of people did not try to make their property safer.
Nearly a quarter of homeowners say they "just haven't had time to do it yet" and a tenth are "too busy".
Centrica Honeycomb Research conducted by OneColl also found that many people think their garden is their pride and joy - for some, garden dwarfs are the key.
In order to protect their mowed lawns, primitive flowers and beloved decorations, 45% of people consider buying security cameras at home and abroad.
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