five ways to use alternative solar energy at home - solar energy traffic lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-18
five ways to use alternative solar energy at home  -  solar energy traffic lights
Alternative solar energy is a free, abundant, clean energy source.
It makes sense to use the sun™In our daily life, in a practical way.
Of course, we use this energy every day.
We won't. ™If it weren't for the Sun and the heat it gave us every day, I wouldn't be here.
In addition to relying on the sun to live, we use daylight both inside and outside the home, we need sunlight to grow crops, we even use the ancient stored solar energy in the form of petroleum products in plastic every day to run our cars, and heating our home.
However, this stored solar energy is not free, nor renewable, not in our lives, nor in our children. ™It's a lifetime anyway.
The solar energy we should use is direct--
The Sun that hits the Earth every day. Â 1.
Solar panels (Photovoltaics)
When we think of solar energy, we often think of photovoltaic systems with solar energy converted into electric energy panels.
If you are willing to make an initial investment, a home PV system like this can provide some or all of your home's power needs.
Despite the many benefits of the photovoltaic system, it is the most expensive and complex technology for home use of solar energy.
There are more ways to take advantage of solar energy in your home or yard. Â 2.
Solar panels the energy of the sun can be stored in water as heat.
This heat can then be used to heat domestic hot water, or to provide room heating through a radiator.
Usually, solar panels are installed on the roof.
Water cycle (
In closed loop)
Heat through the pipe in the panel and transfer its thermal energy to the water in the hot storage tank.
Starting from here, the water in the tank can be mixed with the water of the cooler to control the temperature and enter the domestic hot water tank, and can also be used for space heating. Â Â 3.
Use the south window and the passive solar energy of thermal quality to heat your home with solar heating.
To passively heat your home, open the blinds and curtains in the south and east (
Northern and Western southern hemisphere)
On both sides of your house during the day.
Turn them off at night to keep the heat.
To achieve better performance, increase the thermal quality in the indoor space.
The thermal mass is anything that keeps the heat.
It can be bare bricks, tiles or concrete, or even containers filled with water.
If the sun hits the heat directly, it's the best --
This will bring more heat to it.
But not here. ™In order for it to work, t needs to directly illuminate the thermal mass.
The sun will shine through the south window and heat the air, some of which will be kept by the heat quality in the room.
In the evening and in the cold days, the heat will be released back into the space from the heat.
Be careful that the heat quality is too large as it can also act as a radiator to make the room feel cool. Â 4.
Small solar energy-
There are many ways to bring alternative solar energy into your home landscape.
One of the easiest ways is to use path lighting.
Solar lights are individually or packaged together.
They are just small lights mounted on wooden piles pressed on the ground.
The top is a small photovoltaic panel that absorbs solar energy during the day.
A small battery stores energy and lights up the bulb at night.
Several solar lights on both sides of a path will be very beautiful at night.
Another small-scale solar application for your landscape is the solar fountain.
There are commercial solar fountains in both the home and garden shops, or you can make them yourself.
This is an article about making a solar fountain.
Or, if you have an old fountain with a broken pump, why not replace it with a lift pump? In winter, the ice is blocked from the bird cage using a solar cage heater.
If you have a bird feeder, friends with feathers will also like to have fresh water sources. Â 5.
If you happen to have a pool, the solar pool heating can save a lot of energy and money.
Simply prepare a solar blanket for your pool to greatly reduce the cost of heating the pool.
If you don't have a pool™If not heated, this pool cover can extend the swimming season for several months.
The solar cell cover looks like a bubble.
It absorbs the sun's energy and transfers it to your pool of water.
The solar pool blanket also keeps the heat in the pool by preventing evaporation.
Further, you can get a solar cell heating system.
It's just a simple solar hot plate that cycles your pool water through a pipe in the panel where it's heated by the sun and then put back in the pool.
This is a very simple and efficient system that can easily replace the traditional pool heater.
There are many ways to make solar work for you in your home.
Even using one of these alternative solar strategies can save you money and reduce your impact on the environment.
Use multiple or even better.
It's time to take advantage of solar energy.
Do your part and use solar energy at home today.
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