first eclipse in 99 years to sweep north america - world ... - solar traffic light system

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first eclipse in 99 years to sweep north america - world ...  -  solar traffic light system
Miami (AFP)-
The first total solar eclipse that has swept North America in nearly a century will sweep across the continent in August 21, casting a shadow on millions of people from coast to coast.
The event created a "Great American Solar Eclipse" that inspired the prosperity of American tourism and the sky
Travel prices to major attractions are high, and scams such as fake eclipse glasses have also increased.
The celebration is scheduled to take place nationwide, including a wedding in conjunction with the solar eclipse, as well as a live performance of singer Bonnie Taylor's 1983 popular "heart solar eclipse" Caribbean cruise.
In a country where political lines are increasingly divided, some have expressed the hope that a fascination with this spectacular phenomenon will provide an opportunity for people to unite.
"Most of the population will be able to easily see this eclipse," Florida International University's astronomers James Webb told AFP . ".
"There are a lot of people in this era who deny science, so this is an opportunity to show what we really know about the solar system. "-
Historic Solar Eclipse
When the moon completely blocks the light of the Sun, the total solar eclipse will be from 70-mile-wide (113-kilometer)
The road runs through 14 states in the United States.
Shortly after nine o'clock A. M. , partial solar eclipse began on the northwest coast of the United States (1600 GMT).
At 10: 16 a. m. Pacific time, the total solar eclipse reaches the western coast of Oregon (1716 GMT)
Then in the afternoon, a diagonal line was drawn over South Carolina.
Although the darkest shadows will fall on this "whole Road", partial eclipse is far beyond its reach, as can be seen in northern Alberta, Canada and southern Brazil, if the weather permits
Even Britain and western France may catch a glimpse of the eclipse in the evening.
"They will see a very shallow partial eclipse," said Robert Messi, acting director of the Royal Astronomical Society . ".
The last solar eclipse from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean was on June 8, 1918. You can see the total eclipse from Washington to Florida. -Eye damage -
Experts warn that looking directly at a solar eclipse can burn the retina and can lead to persistent blind spots.
Anyone planning to look at the sky is urged to wear the right protective glasses.
Regular sunglasses are not strong enough.
"There may be 100 million people looking at this, but the danger of looking at the Sun is real and serious," Vincent Jerome Jovan, director of ophthalmology at Northwell Health Center, Staten Island University Hospital
"The damage is really permanent, right at the center of their vision," he told AFP . ".
S. Fire Department has warned people to be careful about fake glasses that do not provide proper protection.
Solar glasses should be marked with safety standard ISO-12312-2.
Those who do not want to stare at the sky can make a small hole projector with cardboard or paper for the image of the solar eclipse to be displayed.
Other projects aim to capture the sensory experience of the solar eclipse.
A sound known as a solar eclipse soundscape is to encourage scientists and citizens to record environmental sounds before, during and after the solar eclipse, allowing blind and visually impaired people to "hear and feel the physical properties of the solar eclipse. "-
Planned activities
For those who can't see the eclipse, NASA is planning a full time
Daily live broadcast on Nasa's website.
Gov, which will be displayed on Toshiba's visual screen in Times Square, New York.
In honor of the elephants, rooftop parties, kayaking trips, baseball games and even weddings are being held nationwide.
According to the website greatamericaneclipse. com, between 1. 85 and 7.
A total of 4 million people are expected to be on the road, raising concerns about traffic jams and accidents.
Accommodation prices soared as most hotels and flights were booked quickly.
Rundown motel on Kasper Highway, Wyoming--
One of the selected viewing points--
As of Thursday, they offered the last room for $2,100 per night.
The solar eclipse has also triggered a large-scale scientific study of the outer region of the Sun, the corona, which is easier to study when the moon blocks the light of the sun.
In the age of smartphone technology, millions of people are expected to record and photograph the solar eclipse.
The 85-year-old Donald liebergh, a scientist at Clemson University in South Carolina, has seen 26 solar eclipses in his life and says every solar eclipse is unique.
"When I first saw the start of the whole, of course, as the temperature dropped, the sky darkened and the birds returned to the nest, I was impressed," he told AFP . ".
"What impressed me was that even Babylon was able to predict the time and place of the eclipse.
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