extreme weather is another sign of nibiru planet x and the polar shift - solar traffic light system

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-10
extreme weather is another sign of nibiru planet x and the polar shift  -  solar traffic light system
Pillar of Fire: The first Pillar of Fire recorded in a video, although it has been mentioned many times in ancient texts, is called "Pillar of Fire" in the Bible.
The following quotation is part of Exodus, in which Moses led his people to safety.
Many events in Exodus, such as the separation of the Red Sea, are compared with descriptions of polar movements. . .
The Lord guided them every day with pillars of cloud.
In the evening, give them light in the pillar of fire.
Day and night: The film was filmed by Australian filmmaker Chris Tangi, who is looking for a place to make a new film.
Once you realize what you're looking for, it's much easier to learn to read between lines in mainstream media reports to determine the truth.
In this article, I hope to learn about some extreme weather events that have become news, but the "whole" story has not been told to prevent the public from associating these points with the ongoing polar changes and ultimately with planet X in Nibiru.
Many people have been wondering why the existence of Planet X complex on Nibiru is known to the public for its control.
The power to worry about the public's response will be not only that our solar system has a big planet, but that it has been here for at least 10 years, responsible not only for global warming, but also for climate change.
They fear that the public will stop working, and they will use it as a reason for the unrest.
Those in power fear that if it is made public, it will cause anger and hysteria, thus depriving many of them of their jobs and safety.
They also fear that the public will take all the money back from banking institutions, stop paying bills, and create an economic crisis. After all, this may be the number one reason since bankers really ruled the world.
Of course, many in power believe that the public has the right to know, but fear that the disclosure of such information will damage their immediate health.
Over the past decade, many astronomers have tried to do this, and they have all suffered tragic deaths under suspicious circumstances.
That's why it's important to recognize the signs of the pole shift independently. After all, even if they eventually disclose life-changing information, how can anyone trust them after realizing they've lied to you for decades?
In other words, let's take a look at some signs that when extreme weather events occur globally, the mainstream media may not tell us the whole story.
When floods are not caused by rainfall, you will often read reports of major floods, which may be caused by heavy rains, but almost no rain.
Sometimes, it is assumed that the rainfall that caused the floods occurred in the mountains miles away.
Usually, these floods occur in towns near the coastline or the ocean.
What has not yet been reported is the seismic activity in the area, which led to the rise or fall of riverbed and coastline.
It is generally recognized, but few reports indicate that when earthquakes and seismicity occur in a particular region, it can also cause extreme weather in the region, such as tornadoes, lightning and thunderstorms.
This happens all over the world because only local people know about the weather and tend to be more concerned about their own safety than correcting mainstream media reports, which are released without any refutation.
Another sign to look for is reports of bridge collapse and derailment of railways. However, this may be reported as traffic jams caused by train delays, power outages and traffic light system failures.
Over the past decade, bridges in the United States have suddenly collapsed, mainly due to old infrastructure and poor infrastructure. -
Seismic activities or earthquakes are seldom responsible for bridge maintenance.
Another common strategy is to report only injuries, locations and injuries without reporting the cause, which allows the public to make up for the rest.
If an eyewitness can be told what happened, they will fill the gap in the story.
"Everyone knows that floods are caused by rainwater, hurricanes or dam breaks, but don't equate earthquakes with floods!
"How many people claim to have seen a"car accident", but when asked about it, people found that they heard a"collision", but the only thing they"saw"was the consequences of the accident.
The purpose of such reports is to maintain media blockade of the existence of planet Nibiru X in our solar system.
The planet is four times as dense as Earth, but 23 times as dense as Earth. (
Compared with baseball, first consider a shot put, both of which are the same size.
It generates powerful magnetic forces in the solar system.
This force has intensified the Earth's wobble, melting Arctic ice and creating conditions for tectonic plates. (Ring of Fire)
Sliding, moving and increasing volcanic activity.
It can also cause the movement or shaking of the Earth's oceans, causing more shipping accidents, such as Costa Concordia.
Mainstream media have been banned from reporting the real causes of these "accidents" and sometimes have to be creative to avoid sounding like a fool.
Of course, anyone who tries to report the truth is immediately labeled as a conspiratorial freak, or my favorite term, "madman".
That is to say, let's look at some recent extreme weather events, railway derailment, bridge collapse and flooding, and see if BS detectors are starting to spin wildly, okay? ?
Other extreme weather events in 2012, although this part of the world is accustomed to such weather, when typhoon arrives in Tokyo, dozens of people will be injured, causing traffic disruptions and power outages. The typhoon caused severe flooding. Brr-
The coldest winter in Isban is the coldest in 17 years, which makes us tremble. This is Australia's record weather headline, because August is the coldest month in 40 years. Trans-Canada at Sask. -
It is presumed that Alberta's borders are still closed by heavy rains, but photographs after photographs show nothing but blue skies and limestone pits.
A snowstorm in Japan killed 52 people, and in more than two months, more than 10 feet of snow caused steel bridges to collapse.
Drejo, D. C. : Science and surprise. This incredible storm swept from Chicago to the Midwest of the District of Columbia, destroying everything along the way.
At an exposition in southern Spain, 35 people were injured by tornadoes and 9 people were killed by floods. This article on Yahoo News is a good example of how false information, contradictory statements and confusing reports can produce false reports while sounding like authoritative voices.
I highlighted in bold the sentence fragments that caused my BS detector to start rotating!
Authorities said on Saturday that a tornado swept across an open area of a Spanish town, destroying a Ferris wheel and injuring 35 people. Meanwhile, the death toll from floods in the same area of southern Spain has risen to nine.
According to the city hall website, Friday's tornado damaged several recreational facilities and cut off the electricity supply for the temporary exhibition in Gandhi Master Square.
The report says 15 people were seriously injured and all were treated on the spot.
These people were seriously injured, but were treated on the spot? . . . Hmmm?
Local media reported that in Valencia, when thunderstorms came, markets were closed to the public and all the injured were fair workers.
So all the injured people were not sent to the hospital, and there was no way to confirm the injury report!
Just inland in a small town on the Mediterranean coast, four more victims were found overnight in the floods that erupted in southwestern Gandhi on Friday.
They include a middleman. -
An old woman in Loka.
Last summer, Loca was hit by Spain's deadliest earthquake in more than 50 years, killing nine people.
So nine people died last year, which is exactly the same number of deaths caused by this year's floods. (In the title)? ! Hmmm!
Note that this is a coastal town!
A spokesman for the Andalusian regional government told the Associated Press on Saturday that heavy rains and the resulting high water levels had killed five people in Murcia, three in Almeria and one in Malaga.
The spokesman, speaking on condition of anonymity and in accordance with government policy, said-year-
The old British woman and a homeless man were missing in Almeria.
Five people who were initially declared missing were found alive.
Are these missing people still alive?
Local media reported that hundreds of residents in the area had to evacuate.
The flood washed high. -
High-speed train services between Madrid and Valencia, as well as various regional routes, have made bridges and roads impassable.
Red alert, red alert. . .
It does not mean that rails, bridges and roads are underwater, but that they disrupt traffic!
Heavy rains starting on Friday morning are expected to continue throughout Saturday, with the front moving northward to Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.
Another flood story is about flooding caused by heavy rains, but no mention was made of the earthquake activity in the area, resulting in volcanic eruptions and 6. 9 earhquakes!
Three volcanoes in the area are on yellow alert: Cleveland, Little Sitkin, Iramana and a huge six volcanoes. 9 or 7. 2 earthquake (
Depending on your source)
It just happened on Andreanov Island in Alaska's Aleutian Islands.
But the American public has been told that floods are caused by heavy rains, not by rising riverbeds, sinking coastlines and the sea supporting local rivers.
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