eveready industries turns to ujala for its led vertical - best solar led flood lights

by:Litel Technology     2019-08-09
eveready industries turns to ujala for its led vertical  -  best solar led flood lights
New Delhi, 14 August()
Eveready Industries, a battery manufacturer, is betting on the government's Ujala plan to expand its LED lighting business to enter India's major alliance.
Company Annual Report 2016-
17 is a guideline of its active plan to develop LED lighting business by marching into professional lighting B2B. (
Enterprises to Enterprises)
With the introduction of indoor and outdoor lighting.
Amritashu Khaitan, managing director of Eveready Industries, said: "We are also actively bidding for government supplies under Ujala's plan. "
During the year, the company executed government orders valued at Rs. 46.
LED lamp 50g. The 110-
The company, which has a long history of over 50% of the dry battery business, said it had established independent sales and distribution channels to meet the needs of power outlets and B2B customers.
Looking ahead, battery manufacturers plan to develop their own professional and infrastructure lighting solutions for office, industry, exhibition halls and road lighting.
Eveready Industries will focus on expanding its power outlet network over the next two years, through which it will grow its lighting business.
Net sales of LED products in 2016-
17 rupees to 299 rupees.
Euro 17 million is expected to be an important driver of turnover growth in the next few years.
Products in this field include LED bulbs, tube lamp slabs, indoor lamps, LED street lamps, LED floodlights and digital LED battery power supply and solar lamps.
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