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ef bavis & associates inc.  -  solar panel traffic lights
EF Bavis & Associates Inc.
201 Grant Road, Menneville, Ohio 45039 (513)677-0500 bavis.
Com Main Contact: Terry Roberts, marketing and sales director, Menneville, Ohio--
EF Bavis and Associates
Is the top manufacturer of drive-
Through systems in the financial, fast service and pharmaceutical industries.
Unlike competitors, Bavis offers innovative, patented pneumatic and non-pneumatic drives-
By providing solutions to the specific needs of the company's customers.
Terry Roberts, director of marketing and sales at EF Bavis, said: "We are not just providing the 'same old device' that others have provided '. ".
"Everything EF Bavis does comes from the needs of customers.
"Because of this approach, Bavis offers four different remote transmission technologies, while competitors offer only one solution.
Offering these valuable options givesbav is the maximum flexibility to address the special needs of customers, ranging from simple pneumatic pipe supports and other solutions to other costs-
Effective and reliable technologies such as transtrx, olar transtrx, Vittleveyor and Autoveyor that use other means to move the carrier.
The pneumatic pipe bracket is made of stainless steel housing, and the motor is located at the bottom of the external vertical, which is easy to access, so any service work can be carried out from the front of the equipment.
Microprocessor control, internal manual door with external electric door and magnetic seal, system is an industry
Standard Carrier compatible with the audio system of most competitors.
This field is also used by EF Bavis TransTrax-
Reliable proof of positive drive tape system. The most cost-
In similar products, TransTrax has an average of less than one service call per Lane per year.
Solar TransTrax uses Solar panels to take energy from the sun and transport transactions from vehicles to pharma without emitting any carbon.
Transstrax requires little maintenance, resulting in fewer calls for replacement parts and services.
Organizations using solar TransTrax save about $6,000 per lane on a10
Compared with the carbon re-tube system, the period of one year.
Bavis is the only manufacturer providing Solar Drive
Equipment through the financial and pharmaceutical industries.
Vittleveyor is a unique system designed to extend the capacity of new or existing locations or to provide drivers
Due to challenges such as traffic flow, sidewalk/finished floor height differences or obstacles, it was not possible to pass the service before.
This is a specially designed tape.
Drive conveyor using a20inch by 15-
An inch basket for transporting food and drinks.
In the standard configuration, the basket moves up to make 90-
Turn, cross, and then 90-
In the absence of any leakage, the degree will drop to the point of delivery.
Commercial car suppliers-
Retail configuration is also available--
Transfers up to 26 pounds can be canceled and returned to the sender using low
Cost removable carrier with built-in
Full duplex audio system designed for drive-
It is scalable and can be used for all types of applications, including upend, down send, splayed, and revert-
Lane configuration.
In addition to providing high
Remote drive quality
Through the device, Bavis is a complete
Service provider for the entire drive-
Bank windows, pharmacy windows, Lane lights, trade drawers and other pneumatic and traditional drive units are availablethroughsystems.
"Customers of EF Bavis and employees-
"Friendly design is based on research into the actual site," Roberts said . ".
"This allows us to deliver superior customer throughput and convenience for drive-
Make as profitable and cost effective as possible.
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